The Spine-Tingling Way Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Reacted To Arrest

In the couple weeks since Bryan Kohberger‘s arrest, we’ve seen a mountain of evidence the cops gathered before taking him in. But does his behavior during his arrest make you even more suspicious?

We’ve already heard he was wearing surgical gloves everywhere he went and trying to hide his trash in a neighbor’s bin. But what about the actual moment he was taken in? Well, that was pretty disturbing as well. As readers will know, after watching him at his parents’ home in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania for several days, they finally got the arrest warrant. Local SWAT broke the glass of the front door and made the bust on the suspected quadruple murderer. How did he react? Pretty oddly, all things considered.

A police source told People on Wednesday afternoon that Kohberger “complied right away” with police as they cuffed him and read him his rights:

“He knew exactly why he had been arrested. There was no ‘What did I do?’ There wasn’t any ‘You’ve got the wrong guy.’”

Yeah, that alone is pretty sus, we have to say. A bunch of heavily armed and armored SWAT guys bust in and grab you, what would you — and innocent person — do in the situation? Besides being scared out of your wits, you’d be asking what the hell is going on, right?? You might even think they had the wrong house. Not this guy.

The insider, who was part of Kohberger’s extradition process, says the suspect was mostly quiet around the cops:

“He made small talk, but nothing really of substance.”

There was one thing he said that the source noted:

“He did say, ‘It’s really sad what happened to them,’ but he didn’t say anything more. He’s smarter than that.”

Sorry, he said it was “really sad what happened to them”?? Meaning the victims? Kaylee Goncalves, Xana KernodleEthan Chapin, and Madison “Maddie” Mogen? In what context did he say this? When told about the murders?? Why wasn’t he trying to protest his innocence??

As we understand it, anything he says can be used against him in a court of law. But we’re not sure if just being creepy is enough for prosecutors to use as evidence for the jury. Luckily they have lots of other physical evidence, including his DNA on a knife’s sheath left at the scene, video of his car, and — most shocking of all — an eyewitness who saw the killer.

What do YOU think of this new information? Does he seem guiltier to you? Is that even possible??

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