The Sussexes took Archie & Lili trick-or-treating in Montecito, imagine the candy haul

It was so cool, two weekends ago, when Prince Harry suddenly appeared at the F1 race in Austin. I’ve been hoping we would see more of Harry and Meghan this fall, just because it feels like everyone has started their new chapters, finally. Prince Harry’s memoir was published, and H&M told their stories to Oprah and Netflix. The Windsors are actually starting to realize, four years later, how badly they f–ked up, even if they would never admit it. There’s a dawning realization in the UK that the Sussexes are not coming back under any circumstances.

Still, Harry and Meghan keep showing everyone that they can disappear whenever they want. I hoped for a Sussex Autumn, but we probably won’t get it. We did get this though – a tiny glimpse of Harry and Meghan trick-or-treating with their kids in Montecito.

— Henry_Rachel_Archie_Lili🙏🏾 (@jozzzaphen) November 1, 2023

— Meghan Markle Brasil (@marklecombr) November 1, 2023

It appears that Meghan is wearing a witch’s hat, right?? Lili is being carried by her mom, and Lili is in some kind of pink costume. Archie’s hair looks like it’s getting much darker, and his costume seems pretty simple – something in all-black. Harry didn’t dress up at all and he’s in charge of Lily’s candy bucket. I would love to know what Lili is supposed to be! Peppa Pig, maybe? I also wonder what the candy haul is like in such a ritzy enclave. Are rich people handing out whole Snickers bars?!?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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