The Wanteds Tom Parker responds to worried fans as he shares home cancer treatment update

Tom Parker discusses cancer treatment and rehabilitation

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Posting a photo on his Instagram stories of a drip and portable hospital equipment, he captioned it: “When treatment comes home.” Tom Parker, who has a new single out tomorrow with his group, The Wanted, urged fans there was “no need to worry” and reassured them he is keeping the side-effects of his condition under control. 

This treatment seems to be keeping things stable

The 33-year-old was diagnosed with a Stage 4 glioblastoma over a year ago, with the average life expectancy being just 14 to 16 months after first diagnosis.

Chillingly, just 10 percent of patients suffering the same condition make it to the five year mark. 

However the upbeat and positive star, whose weight dropped to less than eight stone after a gruelling 30 rounds of radiotherapy and six sessions of chemotherapy, is now aiming to be “totally cancer-free” by March 2022. 

When news emerged last month that the tumour has significantly shrunk and is currently under control, he and his wife Kelsey, who have a son and a daughter together, were fighting back the tears. 

Now Tom is focusing on exercises to “rebuild his lost muscle” and shared videos of himself rhythmically bending his knees in a bid to get fit again on his Instagram stories.

“It may look easy for most people and it is such a simple exercise, but for me right now, it does exactly what we need,” he explained. “[It] gets the muscles recruiting again.”

Meanwhile the proud parent has been spending much of his recent time cuddling with his much-loved two-year-old daughter, Aurelia Rose. 

“Love being a dad,” he captioned one of his stories. 

“How rewarding is it knowing that she feels cosy and comfortable [and] now I’m sat next to her, she can sleep?” 

“That’s like next level trust – my heart truly melts,” he added. 

In another video, he  his daughter how much she loves him, only for her to playfully respond: “Too much!” 

The touched showbiz star joked “How does she even know that context? That’s like GCSE English – probably even A-Level English… wise beyond her years, that’s unbelievable.

“This melted my heart,” he revealed, while also linking to one of Meghan Markle’s ITV interviews about the “vulnerability” of being pregnant during a difficult time in her life and the challenges of having a newborn.

Tom shared that the expression of pain on the ex-duchess’s face “saddens me so much”. 

Meanwhile, he reiterated to anxious fans that there was “no need to worry” about the medical gear that had been delivered to his home. 

Besides battling his own cancer diagnosis, the big-hearted star also performed a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall back in September, with the aim of raising money for research into the aggressive type of tumour he is fighting, which in some sufferers proves totally resistant to treatment. 

The money raised will help those without the funds for private healthcare to get an optimal chance at survival.

Meanwhile the Wanted’s new single Rule The World will be followed by a new album, The Greatest Hits, out on November 12. 

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