Two New 9/11 Victims Identified with Advanced DNA Testing

Two new 9/11 victims have been identified years later through DNA — a testament to modern science … but also, to the fact over 1,000 lost souls remain nameless, even today.

NYC officials made the announcement Friday — a few days before the 22nd anniversary of September 11th — saying a man and woman’s remains have now been linked to a profile … although their names are being withheld at the request of their families.

They mark the 1,648th and 1,649th victims to be ID’d in the years since the attacks. Remember, a total of 2,753 New Yorkers perished on 9/11 — so there’s many more who continue to be anonymous in the system.

That’s not to say scientists, doctors and other professionals aren’t trying to piece it all together — they certainly are. But, the fact that in 2023 there are still unidentified victims might come as news to many. It goes to show, our capabilities are still a work in progress.

Now, as for how they pinpointed who these two individuals were … government officials are citing advancements in DNA testing as the breakthrough — namely, next-generation sequence technology — which is more sensitive and rapid than your standard DNA processes.

9/11 Attack On The Pentagon

In fact, they say this is the same type of testing that’s done to identify American servicemembers — now, it looks like it’s being used for civilian purposes such as this.

The man’s remains were recovered in 2001, but the woman’s remains were actually collected over the years of 2001, 2006 and 2013. Remains of countless others are in the possession of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, which continues to reunite those with their loved ones.

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