Useful things like a dog booster seat and a microdermabrasion tool

This week we got a really nice voicemail from someone who loves the Amazon posts and said she called Amazon and told them that we were referring her to good products. I thanked her by text. We’re going to include her voicemail on our next podcast which is out Monday! You can always call and leave a voicemail or just text us at 434-218-3219. I’m starting to run out of ideas so if you have a great skincare device, pet accessory, purse, cleaning product, or basically anything you’ve purchased on Amazon and love please comment with it or send me a link. This week I’m just including random things that I’m considering buying, which is the theme of a lot of these posts. I do end up buying so much of it and am really pleased with almost all the purchases.

A invention that catches hair before it goes down the drain.

I keep hearing about the TubShroom! It’s on so many of those “things you need from Amazon” lists. This is probably one of those things you don’t realize will make a difference until you use it. I have a traditional mesh guard in my bathtub and I end up having to use Draino every two months when the tub backs up. People say this works great and call it the “best strainer ever,” however they do say you have to clean it every few days or it will back up – just like my tub.

A cordless handheld vacuum that actually picks up dirt and hair

How many of you also have a sh-tty cordless vacuum just sitting on the charger which you never use? I feel so guilty throwing out appliances like that but mine is essentially useless now. This handheld vacuum has a 4.6 star rating with 255 reviews. People call this the “best handheld vacuum I’ve ever owned,” say it has “excellent suction,” that holds throughout the charge, works great in the car and is light and not that noisy. It also lasts 30 minutes and comes with different attachments to get in hard to reach crevices.

A doggy booster seat that will help your best friend ride in comfort and safety

I’m mostly posting this for the photo of the pug. Pugs have the cutest faces I swear they’re always smiling, especially when you pick them up. This one is just making a derp face. The Devoted Doggy booster seat has almost 1,400 reviews and a 4.6 star rating! This car seat has a collapsible metal frame with a soft washable insert and is best for dogs at 20 pounds and under. Dog owners rave about it, saying it helps their antsy pups stay in the seat and that they love sitting in it. It also comes with straps to keep them safe and secure.

A device to cook in less than half the time

I’ve resisted buying an Instant Pot despite the fact that everyone raves about them and says they’re amazing. My friend Rebecca loves to cook and swears by her Instant pot. (She also loves Jason Momoa and I got her to talk about him on Podcast #14!) Whenever I’m about to buy one I think that I don’t need more clutter in my kitchen and that I only make real meals about 2-3 times a week anyway. This 6 quart programmable Instant Pot is on sale for $69.99 which is almost $30 off! Reviewers call it the “perfect tiny living appliance,” say they wonder how they lived without it and say it’s great for cooking staples like rice and potatoes as well as entire meals. Some say there’s a steep learning curve and that it breaks easily. So should I get it?

An acne spot treatment that really works

This is a recommendation from a friend, who is so impressed by how this product clears up her adult cystic breakouts. Reviewers also say it works quickly to reduce teen acne as well. This treatment has bentonite clay, tea tree oil and other all natural ingredients to effectively reduce acne. It’s said to show results after just one use and one person calls it a “miracle cure.” People also really like the companion acne eliminating face cream.

An at-home microdermabrasion tool for smoother, clearer skin

A few weeks ago I featured a blackhead suction tool after not being able to find a legitimately reviewed at home microdermabrasion kit. This microdermabrasion exfoliation tool has a 3.8 star rating with 179 reviews and gets a decent B from fakespot. It comes with three tips in course, medium and fine grade that are designed to rotate on the skin as an interior vacuum pulls dead skin cells into the device. People say “this really exfoliates and sucks all the dead skin off,” that they notice a difference in how smooth and bright their skin is, and that they’ve been getting compliments.

A facial shaver that gets even the tiniest hairs

Now that I’m looking at skincare devices I’ve gone down that rabbit hole to find this great little facial shaver. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been dermaplaning, or shaving my face with a single blade razor designed for that. I do it with facial oil and it works well but it’s hard to get all the little hairs manually. This little device is meant to eliminate peach fuzz and facial hair painlessly. It has 4.8 stars with 125 reviews and an A from fakespot. Reviewers say they love how smooth it leaves their face and that it gets hairs very close to the root. As someone who tries to keep tweezers with me at all times, this review spoke to me. “I’m happy to be able to carry it in my purse so when I get freaked out by a hair or hairs I didn’t see earlier, I can take care of it immediately and I don’t have to get slightly OCD about it.”

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