Vic Reeves torched his records after inoperable tumour left him deaf

Vic Reeves and Nancy Sorrell dance together in Dover

James Moir, 64, better known by his stage name as comedian Vic Reeves, is one half of the iconic Vic and Bob duo that he founded in the 1990s with fellow comedian Bob Mortimer.

While he enjoyed a thriving life in the British spotlight for decades, James revealed in 2021 that he had received some devastating news.

He had been diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, an inoperable form of tumour that he claims is the size of a “small kidney bean”.

The tumour is benign and usually grows over a number of years but doesn’t spread to other parts of the body.

While the prognosis was favourable, the tumour did take a toll on James as it robbed him of all hearing in his left ear.

He told Radio Times: “My hearing just went off. I went to see the specialist and asked, ‘So will it come back?’ He said ‘No, you’re deaf forever.’.”

His “very blase” reaction to this news shocked the doctor, but James explained that he’s from a “stoical generation” and that it’s in his character to simply get up and “get on with it”.

The comedian insists that is perfectly fine and assured that the tumour is “not in the brain”, but revealed that his ability to locate where sound is coming from has been completely lost.

He added: “I’ve got no stereo, my stereo days are over. I had to burn all my stereo records.”

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Jim’s wife of 20 years, Nancy, 48, was the first to notice that something was not entirely right, encouraging him to see the doctor in the first place.

While she was relieved to find out her husband’s tumour was benign, the scan showing how big it is came as a bit of a shock.

Nancy shared: “On the scan, it looked quite big to me,” but James assured he had been testing just how big it was.

He revealed: “I’d say it was more of a legume. I went through all of them until I got to the right size. Small kidney bean, maybe a borlotti bean.”

The TV star has not let this health scare get the best of him as he continues his Sky Arts series Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir.

 While the couple both have an affinity for bird watching, Nancy revealed that “he uses me” to hear birdsong now.

 The latest issue of Radio Times is now available to purchase.

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