Why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Skipped the 2022 Grammys

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez opted not to attend last week’s Oscars or any of its after-parties, and this evening, the A-list rekindled couple chose not to go to the Las Vegas Grammy Awards either. Their absence isn’t too surprising, considering J.Lo did not receive any nominations for her music.

Ben and Jen were last photographed out in Santa Monica this Thursday, holding hands. Their appearance then came amid reports that the couple was taking the next step in their relationship by buying a $50 million Bel Air mansion together.

A source explained to Entertainment Tonight, “They are looking forward to making the home their own and having a place together. They are also planning to decorate it together and any renovations that they choose to do will be theirs together,” the source continued. Jen is definitely taking the lead on the home decor, but they want to implement both of their styles so everyone feels comfortable moving into the house and this new chapter in all of their lives.”

“Jen and Ben are excited to further solidify their relationship and take this next step,” the source continued. “At this point, they know they are meant to be together and they are prepared to elevate their relationship in this way and include their families in the process and bring everyone together as a healthy unit. It will be great for the kids and everyone is excited and can’t wait to get even closer. They also can’t wait to make new memories there and host celebratory events like birthdays and holidays.”

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