Why No One Is Wearing Masks at the 2021 Oscars

The Oscars are majorly scaled down this year—meaning it’s pretty much just nominees and presenters, and everyone’s fully spaced out, socially distanced, and (!!!!!!!) vaccinated. But you may have noticed that most celebs are’’t wearing masks. So…what’s up with that? Here’s the deal:

Masks Aren’t Required…At Least Not on Camera

Instead of being treated as an ~event~, the Oscars is being treated as a TV/film production—meaning that masks are not required for people who are directly on camera. However, per Variety, the moment someone is off camera, they’re technically supposed to put their mask right back on.

Regina King explained it best during her opening remarks, saying she was “very proud and excited to be here” and that “yes, we are doing it maskless.”

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