Widow who ballooned to 18st after series of tragedies shares weight loss journey

A widow who ballooned to over 18st after her husband and parents died within three years of each other has shared her remarkable weight loss journey.

Brenda Shaw, 81, from Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland, turned to food as a way to cope with the loss of her loved ones.

However, the retired HR manager has managed to drop down to 11st thanks to Weight Watchers, boosting her mood and confidence.

Brenda was struck by a series of tragedies when her husband, Ian, had a fatal heart attack in his car in 1992, her mum, Ethel, was killed crossing a road in 1991 and her dad, Tom, died of natural causes in 1989.

Brenda's weight also shot up because of her job, which took her around the UK, resulting in her buying convenience food from service stations.

She told the Daily Record : “After I lost my husband, I had nothing to come home to. I very rarely sat down for a meal at home. I was on the road all the time – eating on the hoof. I’d grab a chocolate bar or get a pizza in the office.

“Like most overweight people, our life revolves around food and, for me, if it wasn’t nailed down, it was for the mouth. I used to eat lots of cakes and sweets.”

But then Brenda was warned by her GP that her weight was putting her health at risk, she was borderline for diabetes and had to take action.

“It was discovered I had the start of Type 2 diabetes and was advised to lose weight or risk the possibility of having prescribed medication.

"It was the thought of medication which triggered me into joining WW [the new Weight Watchers],” she said.

“You never see yourself as fat when you look in the mirror – it’s only with something like what the doctor said that the realisation came I was fat.”

Brenda joined WW in 2016. And after two years and seven months she got to her goal of 11st 7lb. She’s since lost another half stone.

She said: “Throughout the time I have had a few wobbles, which I overcame with the help and guidance of a super WW wellness coach, Sandra McConachie, without whom I would have probably given up.

“Walking and climbing stairs was a great problem for me in my fat days and I used a walking cane. But I can’t remember the time I last used it since finding the new me.”

Now she has more energy to get active with her two great-grandkids.

She said: “These days they both have horses and ponies and both compete in equestrian events and I go with them sometimes to cheer them on, which gives me the motivation to get out and about.

“I can’t say my journey has been without hiccups , but I have adapted well throughout and still attend my weekly workshop.

“Nothing is off limits on the WW Freestyle plan and I am a great believer in tracking, which helps enormously with your journey, and I love the app.

"I now eat lots of reduced fat foods, chicken and fat-free yoghurts.

“Losing the weight has given me my life back, more confidence, made me happier with myself, and clothes that fit that are now five times smaller than they used to be.

"My mobility is great compared to before I started my journey. I was unable to walk 100 yards without puffing and panting.

“If I can do it, then so can anybody else. It is without doubt a decision well-made and completely painless.”

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