Women mimic big bouncy boobs in water balloon hack – & men join in on fun too

Many people may wonder what it feels like to have big bouncy boobs.

But without being blessed with a busty chest or forking out the cash for a new pair, most people will just have to ponder on that thought.

That is until a bunch of TikTok users came up with a very interesting idea to combat the bouncy breast issue.

And, all they need is some string and water balloons.

Hilariously, women on the video sharing app have filled the plastic summer toy with water and wrapped two around their neck so it sits on their chest.

Of course, men have joined in on the bouncing balloon antics as well to experience what it feels like to have a full breasted chest.

Fitness influencer Ashley Nocera shared her take as she wrapped two full balloons her neck.

In the clip posted to her 11.7million TikTok followers, the brunette beauty then put on a grey and red crop top over the balloons and started to run.

As she slowed down the motion of the video, the babe hilariously appeared to have a very bouncy chest.

She wiggled her hips and the water balloons mimicking some boobs jiggled up and down.

Ashley giggled in the caption: “New life hack unlocked.”

It is safe to say her fans were impressed.

One chuckled: “Trust issues loading…”

Another swooned: “It looks so real!?!?!”

Whilst a third voiced: “I wish I could just take mine off.”

Seeking inspiration from the fitness babe, comedian Leenda Dong gave the water balloon challenge a shot as she went to the gym with in hand.

She smiled as the balloons bounced up and down as she jogged on the treadmill.

Even lad David Soltani decided to give the women a run for his money as he tied the balloons together and wrapped them around his neck.

He slipped a white top on and ran with his mouth opened wide, he giggled: “Hi, I’m a slut.”

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