Aldi checkout woman dubbed the ‘hottest supermarket worker’ EVER as shoppers vow never to buy groceries in another store

AN ALDI checkout woman has racked up millions of fans online – but not for her super speedy scanning which the supermarket is famed for.

You see, German cashier Elaine Victoria has been dubbed the "hottest supermarket worker" ever, according to the masses, after flaunting her dancing skills on TikTok.

The blonde beauty's page is filled with videos of her lip syncing to songs as she dances for the camera.

She even appears to have taken time out of her busy work day to record some short clips in the Aldi store she works at, which have since racked up millions of views online.

In one, the Aldi worker is donning her branded work uniform while sitting behind the cash register, looking around to make sure no one else is watching.

In another video, she can be seen dancing in what appears to be the backroom at the ALDI store she works at, which has certainly got people talking.


“During my break, of course dear boss,” she captioned the video as she danced around.

And while many of her clips appear to be far more risque, it's the Aldi work uniform which has got people a little hot under the collar, with the videos racking up far more likes.

Blown away by Elaine's beauty, many vowed to never shop anywhere else again, with one saying: “Now I only buy at ALDI."

“I would buy 100kg of potatoes one by one if I saw you at the checkout in ALDI,” wrote another admirer.

A third quipped: "Aldi's Next Top Model"

"Miss Aldi 2022",agreed another, presumably a nod to the Miss World beauty pageants.

Many said they were desperate to know which store she worked at so they could shop there instead.

"I've never seen a girl look like this at the Aldi I go," one fan said. With another adding: "What store is this, I need some bread."

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