Beauty fans go wild for DIY bath bomb you can make at home & you only need two household items

HAVE you ever wondered if you could soothe irritated, upset skin at home?

Well, now you can and all you need is a sock and some oats.

Sharing on Tiktok, Grace Booth, 24, a baker and Youtube content creator wrote: "If you like baths you need to try my favourite cheap bath product."

"The oat bath sock :)"

"You take a clean sock, fill it with oats and tie it in a knot."

"It works so well to moisturise the skin as the oats go all milky and creamy!"

"Run your bath and drop it in!


"Leave it to soak up all the water and give it a squeeze to release the creamy oat mixture! And you'll have a lovely bath, trust me. I use it all the time."

Grace captioned the video with: "One of my favourite bath products and it costs next to nothing and leaves you so moisturised !" and the bath trick has nearly 130k views and nearly 10,000 comments in a day.

The hack is pocket friendly too as big bags of oats are notoriously affordable, or as one commenter explained: "Nah this is genius especially since you can buy massive bags of porridge so cheap."

It is best to use regular rolled oats and not use sachets or any with added sugar or anything else in.

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If you don't have a sock you can also use a stocking, tights or fabric scraps.

Oats are naturally soothing because they contain avena sativa, an emollientthat naturally softens and soothes the skin because it is full of fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals that all help the skin.

Some offered alternatives to the oaty bath, saying: "You can also blend oats into powder and just put that in if you don’t wanna bother with the sock"

While another said they added a floral touch, as: "this + lavender is elite."

A mum said they: "Did this for my kiddo when he had chicken pox. very soothing."

"This is great for soothing chickenpox too!" agreed another.

While others admitted it helped improve their own skin conditions too, saying: "I used to take oatmeal baths because i had eczema as a kid. 10/10 recommend my skin always felt nice after these."

"Ok but this is what you do for babies with eczema," shared one, while another admitted: "I use this when my eczema flares up!"

"Works wonders for sunburn y’all," added another.

So, the 'oat bath sock' soothes eczema, chickenpox and sunburn.

Some took a funny take on the tip, saying: "Instructions unclear. I’m now encased in a flapjack?"

While another added: "The forbidden flapjack," as many debated on how to best clean up the sock afterward vs eating the contents, calling it 'free porridge, or 'and then you get some lovely porridge for a bedtime snack.'

Fans loved the tip, as many chose to use it that same evening, saying: "I’m doing this tonight," and "Well, I know what I'm doing later!"

"Definitely trying that next time!!" said an eager fan.

One simply couldn't wait till later as they said: "I have to have a bath now."

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