Billy Porter Obviously Arrived To The Met Gala Dripping In Gold & Carried By Six Ripped Men

Actor Billy Porter has been known to serve incredible red carpet looks. For the Met Gala, the Pose star came ready to slay, dripping in gold all the way down the red carpet. Billy Porter’s 2019 Met Gala outfit schooled everyone on Camp fashion, celebrating the style aesthetic’s roots in ballroom culture and the LGBTQ community through his grand entrance.

In what Vogue calls a "theatrical nod to Ancient Egypt," Billy Porter arrived to the Met Gala carried by six shirtless men. All of them, Porter included, were dripping in gold. After ascending from his throne, Porter could spread his wings on the red carpet — literally. The style star wore a golden jumpsuit, gold wings, and a crown to the gala, leaving no doubt that he knows what Camp is all about

Porter’s jumpsuit was a custom design by design duo by The Blonds. The look included 10-foot wings and 24-karat gold diamond headpiece. Porter also wore embellished gold shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. Porter tells Vogue his look was inspired by Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, and Cher — three women known for Camp-leaning style.

Porter went with grand makeup, including a black and gold lip, to accentuate his ensemble. His eye makeup was also golden and sequined, bringing gaudy elegance to the Met Gala.

Prior to the gala, Porter told Vogue he was excited to put some respect on the Camp name, celebrating a style often seen as unfashionable and cheap.

“Camp is often used as a pejorative,” Porter told Vogue. “What I love about having it at the Met Gala, and contextualizing camp, is it brings honor to a word and genre that can be discounted very often, or thought of as cheesy. When it’s done properly, it’s one of the highest forms of fashion and art.”

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