Bizarre bra advert has people dumbfounded, so can YOU work out what’s going on?

PEOPLE are in stitches over a bizarre underwear advert after one woman pointed out her hilarious observation.

Women's lingerie brand Lounge Underwear shared the ad on their Instagram story which showed a sultry blonde wearing the stunning Pearl Illustration Balcony set.

But to accurately show off the bra's lace detailing, they'd zoomed in on the model's chest and social media users found the result hilarious.

You see, one of the model's boobs had been blown up drastically, making her chest area appear very uneven.

The Twitter user who shared the blunder online admitted she thought is looked like "one giant t*t" at first, before she realised what had happened.

The woman, named Jen, wrote: "I thought this lassie on lounge underwear ads had one giant t*t but obv it’s so you can see the lace xx."


Jen wasn't the only one left amused by the advert as the post quickly went viral, racking up over 33, 000 likes.

"I’ve been laughing at this for several minutes. What’s wrong with me?" one person questioned.

A second quipped: "When you buy a boob job on Wish."

One admitted they "screamedd" upon seeing it, with thousands more expressing their amusement.

The Pearl Illustration Balcony Bra and Thong Set can be bought from the Lounge Underwear site £50.

And after such widespread coverage, we bet it'll be flying off the "shelves" – adds to basket.

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