Bride-to-be slams fiance as a ‘liar’ for proposing with a FAKE Tiffany's engagement ring

WHETHER you own up to it or not, all of us have fantasised about being proposed to with a rom-com worthy engagement ring from Tiffany's at one point or another. Right?

Well one woman thought her romantic dreams had finally become a reality when her fiance popped the question with what she thought was an £11,000 Tiffany & Co sparkler – until she realised it was a FAKE.

Posting on Reddit's "Am I The A*****?" forum, the woman revealed: "My SO and I got engaged a few months ago and are planning to get married next year."

Describing how her fiance popped the question, the woman wrote: "It was a perfect day with us and our friends. The night ended with him getting down on one knee and pulling out a black Tiffany ring box.

"He asks, I saw yes, we spend the next hour telling each other how much we love each other. Everything is perfect."

So far, so normal. And by that we mean, it sounds like every dream proposal we ever watched in a noughties rom-com.

However, the woman first started suspecting that all was not well when she noticed a "few minor scuffs" on the inside of the ring.

What's more, her fiance popped the question with a black Tiffany & Co box – instead of the specific shade of blue the brand is famous for.

Unsurprisingly, the woman approached her fiance and "asked the info on where to get it polished or cleaned."

She added: "He said there was no such info, but that he can take it to get cleaned himself. I thought it was strange since most smaller jewellers offer diamond warranties and cleaning services – why wouldn't Tiffany offer the same thing?"

Started to grow increasingly suspicious, the woman admitted: "I started Googling places to clean Tiffany jewellery in the area just in case he was mistaken and found a few ads for places that can authenticate Tiffany jewellery."

It was at this point that the woman realised that all genuine Tiffany & Co rings have a serial number and logo to deter fraudsters – whereas hers had "nothing but a gold rating and unidentifiable mark."

Convinced that her husband-to-be is "a liar", the woman is now determined to "find out where he got the ring and why he lied to me".

She added: "It honestly is not important to me where the ring comes from, but why pretend it's from somewhere it's not?"

Unsure whether to give him the benefit of the doubt, the woman concluded: "I'm also worried that he doesn't know it's not real and I don't want him to get hurt in case he feels embarrassed or angry that he was lied to."

Unsurprisingly, other users have encouraged the woman to confront her partner.

One wrote: "I think it's important to discuss, but word things very carefully. Chances are he wants to give you the best, maybe he just can't afford it."

Another added: "It may not be that he can't afford it. But a lot of guys think that spending considerable amounts of money on a ring is a waste."

However, a third recommended: "Going to a jewellers would confirm if it's actually Tiffany or not – but they can't tell her if her fiance got scammed or did this intentionally…"


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