Bride’s pink frilly wedding dress is mocked as a ‘gross and 'unflattering' version of 'Cinderella's shredded frock'

NO matter how much we may try and deny it, most women can only dream of feeling like a Disney princess on their wedding day.

But while we'd personally love nothing more than to wear a Cinderella-esque ball gown for our big day, one bride is being urged to rethink her fashion choices after choosing a dress which resembles the Disney heroine's "shredded frock" from BEFORE her magical makeover.

Complete with a pink bejewelled bodice, this baffling dress has an underlay of frilly fabric which really gives it that rags-to-riches feel.

You know, before Cinderella met her Prince Charming and spent her days sweeping her ugly step-sister's home.

After the bride shared a photo of her dress on social media, it didn't take long before it ended up in a wedding shaming Facebook group.

One user sarcastically commented: "Now this is really special. What. Is. Not. To. Love??"

Quickly racking up comments from other horrified users, another critic added: "This looks like a cosplay Cinderella's dress after the stepsister shred the s*** out of it."

Posting a movie still of the classic Disney film, one user observed: "That looks familiar…"

Blasting the "unflattering" and "gross" design, a third replied: "I can feel the polyester radiating off of it. It has an aura of plasticity."

Meanwhile, another joked: "I want to go to this sad, sad wedding."

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