Brits discover there's a hairstyle that means you're more fashionable and like to party hard – but do you have it? | The Sun

PEOPLE with mullets have more fun than those who don't – enjoying more nights out, spicier food and a better wardrobe, according to research.

A study of 2,000 adults, 500 of whom sport a mullet, found those with the ‘party at the back’ enjoy an average of five nights out a month.

While the non-mulleted folk lagged behind with an average of only three.

Being a free spirit, somewhat mischievous and ‘doing the unexpected’, topped a list of attributes those with the 80s inspired look, believe they have.

While those with more conventional cuts were less likely to think of themselves as a fashion-follower, and only seven per cent like to ‘make an impression’ when they’re out.

A spokesperson for Foxy Bingo, which commissioned the research to launch its ‘mullet-only salon’ in Newcastle, said: “It’s no surprise to us that those with mullets are having more fun.

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“There’s a real mullet movement happening as people get more experimental with their styles.

“We’re also on the hunt to find the UK’s ‘foxiest’ mullet,offering mullet-goers the chance to win a gift card worth £2,023.”

The research also found the UK’s mulleted masses are more likely to prefer spicy food, are less likely to settle down to a game of monopoly – and twice as likely to suggest a saucy game of truth or dare.

Mulleted individuals also self-describe themselves as more ‘influential’ in their friend groups than those with more traditional trims (66 per cent vs 37 per cent).

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And they also socialise with colleagues a lot more than people with more conservative haircuts.

The study also saw Rod Stewart’s blow-dried masterpiece named the best celebrity mullet of all time, narrowly edging out David Bowie’s red shock of locks as Ziggy Stardust.

Bowie was hair-tied in second place with 80s icon Pat Sharpe, with Roadhouse star Patrick Swayze next in line, followed by footballer Chris Waddle.

Other beloved celebrity mullets included Michael Bolton, Hulk Hogan and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus – father of pop titan Miley, who has also sported a similar look.

It also emerged half of respondents rarely change their hairstyle, and 22 per cent believe they’ve become more conservative with their hair with age.

However, 21 per cent of those polled, via OnePoll, claim their hair defines their personality, and 22 per cent think a change can make you feel like a whole different person.

Foxy Bingo’s spokesperson added: “It seems there are even more benefits to having a mullet nowadays.

“Opening in the heart of Newcastle by Geordie Queen Vicky Pattison, Dirty Gertie’s Mullet Salon by Foxy Bingo will be live for one weekend only, on the 4-5th March.”


1.    Rod Stewart

2.    David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust

3.    Pat Sharp

4.    Patrick Swayze

5.    Chris Waddle

6.    Jason Donovan

7.    Limahl

8.    David Beckham

9.    David Hasselhoff

10.   Andre Agassi

11.   Michael Bolton

12.   Miley Cyrus

13.   Hulk Hogan

14.   Glen Hoddle

15.   Kurt Russell

16.   Billy Ray Cyrus

17.   Paul McCartney

18.   Dolly Parton

19.   Brad Pitt

20.   Rihanna

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