Christmas crafter comes up with genius way to make homemade baubles – all you need is some plastic cups

A CHRISTMAS crafter has come up with an ingenious way to make homemade baubles – and all you need is some plastic cups.

While accessorising a Christmas tree can be an expensive business, the clever way of creating baubles is both quick and cheap, as well as being something that the entire family can join in with.

Kristen Vartanian took to TikTok to share a video tutorial on how she makes the baubles, beginning with a pack of Sharpies and a whole load of white plastic cups.

She uses the pens to colour in the cup however she wants – with rainbow colours proving the most popular option.

Once the cups are coloured in, she places them on a foil-lined baking tray and puts them into a pre-heated oven, which is on the broil setting – the grill setting will also work.

After just 20 seconds, the cups have melted down into plastic discs, which work fantastically well as Christmas decorations once they've cooled down.

Viewers took to the comments section in their droves to praise Kristen for the hack, with one person writing: "This is genius, how is it not viral!?"

"My teacher helped us make these in second grade and it is a core memory. I still hang mine on the tree 16 years later," another person commented.

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Someone else planned to do the craft with their young relatives, writing: "Me running to the phone to call my son to bring the grand children over. Craft time."

Others were quick to reference Shrinky Dinks, or Shrinkles – the much-loved trend in the 1980s of colouring in bits of polystyrene that were then put into the oven to shrink.

But some people were concerned about the fumes the cups would be giving off when in the oven, but Kristen responded: "No, it does not smell like burning plastic because it is not burning, it is melting.

"Plus it only takes about 15-20 seconds."

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