'Coleen, enough is enough now, you should ditch Wayne and take him for £45million'

COLEEN Rooney should leave husband Wayne – and if she does she'll have the whole of Britain on her side.

That's the stark message from former WAG Nicola McLean, 37, who is horrified by what she calls the blatant lack of respect the 33-year-old footballer has shown his long-suffering wife, mother of his four sons, with his latest partying scandal.

The Sun on Sunday published pictures of him at a hotel with a pretty brunette, taken after seven hours of partying at nightclubs in Vancouver where his team D.C. United had been playing. There is no suggestion he did anything inappropriate with the girl.

And this comes after he was publicly busted for drink driving, squandered £1 million gambling in a single night and slept with a prostitute while Coleen was pregnant.

Nicola, who has never met Coleen, has weathered her own cheating scandal with her husband Tom Williams after he was caught cheating in Las Vegas in 2014, claiming at the time that it was the most humiliating experience of her life.

The couple had been married for five years when a video emerged of him grinding on a woman in a club.

But they managed to get through it. Here she gives her view on what Coleen, 33, should do next.

Nicola says: "Coleen must just want to kill Wayne at the moment, I would – I would genuinely want to commit murder if that was me.

She’ll be raging but also feeling let down, humiliated, angry, embarrassed – everything you can imagine, all because her husband has hurt her so publicly yet again.

She clearly married for love and wants it to be for life – but there comes a point when you have to consider your own happiness and I feel like enough is enough for Coleen.

She’s given him so many chances to show her respect and he never does – she should tell him to leave.

If I was her I would divorce him now and take him for half of his £93m – she’s clearly supported him in every step of his career, she looks like an amazing mum and she’s an absolute MILF.

She deserves someone who treats her with the respect that she is due and he doesn’t do that.

She already has four sons to raise – she doesn't need another one who is acting like a wild teenager.

'Wayne takes the absolute p**s'

I actually really admire Coleen, because what she’s doing in standing by her man takes real strength of character.

But like me her relationship problems have been played out in public.

When it happened to me, I gave my marriage another chance and I’m super glad we did, even though it was hard.

But it’s different for Coleen because this isn’t the first time Wayne’s done something behind her back – he takes the absolute mick and has no respect for her.

Yes, Coleen says she’s confident Wayne didn’t do anything with the girl he got the lift with. That may well be the case, but the problem is, because he’s been caught up in situations like this time and time again, he shouldn’t be putting himself in these positions.

It’s not just cheating allegations (although there’s been enough of those), it’s being arrested for drink driving, being in a car with a woman – where were they going? What were they going to do? And also all the gambling.

Someone needs to tell him to stop thinking about himself all the time.

He’s got older kids now, he needs to man up and not be such a d**k. It always seems to be when alcohol is involved with him too, so he really needs to have a look at that.

'She should publicly shame him'

Wayne really needs to grow up, but unfortunately I don’t think he’s going to change because it’s time and time and time again that he hurts and humiliates her.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop so, if she’s not ready to go straight to divorce, she should at least leave.

Maybe she’s done that already, but she needs to do it publicly to shame him and so he knows she’s serious. She needs to shock him and actually do something that will make him change and help her regain her self-respect.

At the moment it seems like he thinks she’s going to stay regardless, but he shows no appreciation for that loyalty whatsoever.

She’s shown so much respect for him and his career – and being with him can’t be easy.

I’ve never lived with a top flight footballer like Wayne – Tom has played for clubs like Peterborough United and Bristol City – so I can only imagine how hard it is because family life is all about them, their training, their diet, their matches.

People look at WAGs and judge us, saying we’re selfish, but actually living with a high achieving athlete isn’t easy, you have to be selfless because they come first.

'Cheating should be illegal'

Let’s be honest – Coleen isn’t with him for the money.

She was with him from the age of 16 – that was way before she knew if Wayne was going to make it as a footballer.

At that point he was just having kickarounds in the streets with his mates.

And now, not only has she made her own money, if she divorced Wayne she’d be set up for life.

So in it for the money? I don’t think so.

But how long is she going to let Wayne treat her like this for? That feeling is horrific, I’d hate to be her right now.

People I know who aren't famous have been through it and their hurt isn’t any different, their embarrassment isn’t any different, their decisions aren’t any different. It’s just an utter betrayal.

I genuinely think cheating should be illegal.

How I liken it is, nothing can hurt you worse than that. If your husband beats you up it’s illegal, coercive control is illegal – I think it's just as bad as all those things.

He’ll be feeding her lines right now, saying everything under the sun, but honestly Wayne, it’s time to man up and realise just how good you’ve got it.

And Coleen – every member of the public would praise you if you left him right now. Maybe it’s time to think on that."

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