Couple left stunned by spooky 'time travel' message from 1975 underneath wallpaper in new home

SINCE moving into their new Lancashire home in January, the Murphy family have slowly been doing up one room at a time.

Earlier this month, dad Karl was ripping off the wallpaper in his daughter's room when she stopped him mid-task.

There – underneath layers of wallpaper and paint – was a message left by the house's previous owners.

The dad said: "It was my daughter who first saw it. We were in her bedroom and started stripping the first layer of wallpaper when we found it.

“We tried to make it out (the message) and I took a picture of it."

After studying it closely, the family figured out that the 46-year-old message read: "I am here, you are there, separated by time alone. What’s it like in the future?

“Or am I the past? The only answer to that – you are my future, I am your past. I wish you good day."

The author Eileen Walmsley then signed her handiwork and dated it.

What's more, the family enjoyed the "time travel" note so much that they decided to try and track Eileen down.

After sharing a photo of the message on Facebook, Karl was pleasantly surprised when he was contacted by a family friend who had recognised the Walmsley name.

It was my daughter who first saw it. We were in her bedroom and started stripping the first layer of wallpaper when we found it.

He continued: "I thought I’ll put it on the chat and see if anybody knows her.

"Another lady came back to me and said ‘I know Eileen, I think she’s moved away, I’ll try and get in contact with her.'”

Not long after, Eileen – whose surname is now Palmer – got in touch with the family.

She said: "I was very happy they discovered it. I was around 14 or 15 – I vaguely remember writing it.

"I knew the bedroom was going to be decorated and I thought, you either do something or you don’t.

“I was thinking about time and time travel and how we are all connected and I thought, you know I’ll write a poem.”

Eileen had moved into the house, aged four, with her brother and sister and her parents who worked in the local school.

The room where Karl discovered the message was the same bedroom where Eileen and her sister slept.

Eileen said: “I’m glad I did it – that was our bedroom and we shared the bedroom so it was sort of magical in that way.”

When she turned 18, she moved to Brighton for university and rarely returned to her childhood home in Accrington.

Eileen’s parents Dorothy and Francis Walmsley lived in Accrington for over 60 years before they passed away in 2016 and 2017.

Not only has the post brought back happy memories for Eileen but she's also chuffed to see what the Murphy family have done with the house.

She continued: "Karl’s made such an amazingly beautiful job of it.

“For me it was very sad when my parents died, we grew up in that house and had so many memories.

"It reminded me of my mood back then and that sort of romantic image I had of life and how life changes and how new generations come forward.

“I remembered who I was back then. That house is a fundamental part of my life and I’m really glad they saw it and glad it brought back so many memories for me.”

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