Dhruv Kapoor Men’s Fall 2021

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“Liberty will never perish” and “Future is empathy” were some of the mottos that Indian designer Dhruv Kapoor printed and embroidered on some of his fall 2021 garments. This optimistic messaging reflected the overall attitude of the lineup: rebellious and frisky. Acid-wash denim, bold graphics and bright colors – hot pink, blue, orange and purple mixed with more traditional neutral – heightened its youthful verve.

Streetwear staples, spanning from hoodies and printed bowling shirts, were smartly integrated into a more classic wardrobe. These included tailored wool jackets with furry linings, impeccable leather coats and suits cut in loose, relaxed silhouettes.

Kapoor bridged the street and the formal not only through the cool styling, but also with the use of printed patches. Symbols from various cultures, from Indian paisley reworked through a psychedelic lens to Chinese tigers and Japanese cats, popped up on badges stitched to everything, from denim to suits, giving the clothes extra charm and individuality.

Dhruv Kapoor Men's Fall 2021

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