DIY fan shares easy £10 IKEA hack to transform your curtains and to make them look more expensive | The Sun

A DIY has shared how she upscaled her curtains with a £10 bargain from IKEA.

The creative said her budget hack can make even a set of IKEA curtains look more expensive. 

Kathleen said in a video online: “This is a $10 IKEA hack that will make your curtains look more expensive." 

“So the other day I was reading my design books in my bedroom and I was like you know it's finally time to update these curtains with the new curtain rings that I got a while ago."

The DIY fan said she had gone for the popular Sanela pink curtains from IKEA but was hoping to change the way they sat on her curtain rod. 

She said: “So I have the Sanela curtain in light pink velvet for IKEA this curtain has a cult following, this is what the back of the curtain looks like and this is what it looks like when it's hung traditionally through the loops on the curtain rod but I want something fancier." 

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Kathleen said she head back to IKEA to find fancy curtain rings to hang her curtains on. 

“So I also have these curtain curtain rings from IKEA I love them because they have this plastic centre and it doesn't make that scrapy metal sound."

Kathleen uses a less traditional part of the curtain to hang her new rings so her curtains didn’t appear clumpy.

She said: “It is also absolutely vital that I tell you that you need to put your rings on your rod before you hang your curtains.”

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Kathleen said: “Here's my hack so you have your ring and you have your hook leaf out the clippy part loop the smaller round of the hook around the seam of the ring.

“You're going to need 10 hooks for each drapery panel so all these little things here are loops so take your first hook and stick it through the very first hole and then after that you want to stick it through the hole before the rod pocket.” 


Kathleen showed her followers a before and after comparison of her hack and her new curtains looked a lot longer 

She said: “Here is the before and after look. The left is before the right is after the right is definitely a more high-end look. I like it a lot.”

Kathleen’s video was viewed over 622,000 times

One user said: “Super handy, definitely worth the fellow.”

Another said: “Smart.”

However some viewers argued Kathleen's curtains looked better before her hack. 


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One user said: “I definitely prefer the old look  but hey, preferences are always personal. both looks good!

Another said: “I literally don't see a difference.”

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