DIY fanatic shares three ways she’s transformed a room using just a £1 tester pot

AN INTERIOR stylist has shared her cheap trick involving a tester pot of paint and the results are incredible

Jess, who does interior styling for people's homes shared her incredible trick on her Instagram account charminglifebyjess, where she shares all sorts of styling tips for your home.

If you are struggling with decorating, or your walls look a little too bare, Jess has got a great cheap hack which will instantly add colour to your room.

Jess writes: "There are SO many different ways to use a sample pot of paint."

In a video on her instagram she shows three different ways you can use a sample pot to revamp your home.


If you have a fireplace in your home that's looking like its getting on a bit, Jess has the perfect solution, paint with a sample paint pot.

The effect of painting the fireplace in a bright, contrasting colour really adds a finished feel to the room.

"There are SO many different ways to use a sample pot of paint."


This hack works especially well in children's bedrooms, and really ties in the rest of the room.

Jess doesn't paint the entire door but paints diagonally across the door to create an asymmetric feature and it looks amazing.


To living up your walls Jess suggests using a sample paint pot to create colour-block on the walls.

Jess then uses this colour blocking technique to use as a fram for hanging prints on.

It adds just the right amount of depth and makes for the perfect feature wall.

Jess writes: "It's such a simple and close effective way to do a DIY update."

Viewers of the video absolutely loved her ideas for decorating on a budget.

One user wrote: "This is a fab idea I have so many samples!"

Another user wrote: "Oh wow I didn't think a sample pot would go that far."

A third user wrote: "Love that geometric door!!!"

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