Dog-obsessed man makes his three pets their own LIVING ROOM… and they even have a 24-inch TV

THOSE of us with pets know just how easy it is to start spoiling them rotten.

And one man, who has called himself, the 'world's best' dog dad, has treated his puppies to their own living room.

Posting to his TikTok channel, bam12008, he showed off the contemporary modern living room he has created for his three dogs.

Dedicating an entire room for your dog's leisure may seem extreme to some, but Bella, Challah and Mitzi,his three adorable Dachshunds don't seem to mind.

Their living room is jam packed with mini furniture, wall art, shelves and even a bar cart.

Sparing no expense, he has also installed his dogs their own TV on their mini TV stand so they can unwind with their favourite show, just like us humans.

Lots of people were confused about the scale of the room and couldn't work how big the TV was.

In another video, he responds to the comments regarding the size of the room and TV.

He said: "Alright so apparently, people are losing their minds about the size of the TV and they just need to know, how big the TV actually is."

He measured the TV to show it is 24-inches wide, which seems a lot bigger than it looks in the videos.

The videos of the dogs in their mini living room has proved popular, with one video reaching over 4.5 million views.

Although the room is the normal height of any room, he has gone to the effort of making sure the wall art and shelves are low down and accessible for his puppies.

The dogs seemingly love their living room and are often seen in the videos sitting on the couch watching TV.

The most recent addition to their living room is a fully functioning fish tank, just in case they can't find something to watch on TV.

People loved the puppies living room, and some even commented that it was nicer than their own living rooms.


Another person exclaimed: "These dogs are living better than me."

"My mind just cannot understand the size of everything." The user added: "AH but I love it!"

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