Doting husband buys his wife’s 114-year-old childhood home and painstakingly restores it for her

A DOTING husband is painstakingly renovating his wife’s century-old childhood house, turning it into her dream home. 

Adam Miller, 36, snapped up the 114-year-old house last June, and has been restoring it ever since for his other half, Jessica, 32. 

He bought the property in New York for £380,000 ($525,000), and has spent a further £217,000 ($300,000) ripping up floorboards, tearing down walls and updating the tired décor. 

The dad-of-four has been constantly up and down ladders, replacing the electrics, plumbing, plastering, painting, ripping up floorboards, fixing holes in the walls and ceilings. 

Adam, who’s been documenting the transformation on his TikTok page, called OldHouseAdam, saying: “I bought my wife her childhood home. I’m restoring it for our family. 

“It’s a pain in the b**t at time, but it’s changed our lives in more ways than I ever expected." 

The sprawling house is a whopping 5,000 sq feet, and features impressive columns at the entrance.

While there's numerous ornate fireplaces inside, a lavish dining room, a grand staircase, bathrooms with majestic tiling and intricate bathtubs, while there’s even a ‘rose room’ and a pool.

He added: “We want this house to stay in our family for generations.

“We have invited the world into our home online and it has been incredible to share this experience and the kind words of strangers.

“We have people say they are inspired to do something now and that’s an incredible reward for us!”

Adam, an entrepreneur and business owner, has devoted hundreds of hours to the project, even battling a storm which destroyed parts of the roof. 

“I was able to put extra focus on the house because of being slow at our different businesses, it was a great way to not think about the outside world,” he said. 

The house is unrecognisable from when Adam first bought it, with neutral tones, dark wood panelling, a new kitchen and light fittings.

And it’s a hit with Jessica too, who said: “I feel like we have listened to the house and given it life again and the character it deserves. 

“It’s not just our story to preserve but the story of generations of families before us.”

The renovation has gone down a storm online, with some of Adam's videos racking up 19 million hits alone.

People have compared the house to the one from the 1995 Jumanji film, while others said it reminded them of the property from film The Notebook.

One person raved: "It's an absolute dream home. Well done it's stunning."

While another thought: "I love that it's modern but it still has that oldies vibe."

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