Everyone thinks I’m my husband’s Sugar Mumma – they never believe our ages when we tell them

A WOMAN has revealed how she is often mistaken for being a Sugar Mumma to her husband thanks to how young he looks.

Laura and TJ, from the US, started dating in 2001 and now have two teenage children, but people still think the couple has a huge age gap.

On Laura's TikTok account, Muse Party, she revealed some of the comments she receives about her relationship with TJ and the speculations there is an age gap between them.

"Got you a Sugar Mamma," wrote one user.

Laura asked her husband, a veterinarian how it felt, and he looked dumbfounded.

She said: "How does it feel to have a sugar mamma?"


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Confused he asked Laura what she was talking about, but she reassured him she would 'take care of him'.

After receiving many comments saying how her husband looked younger, some even suggesting they thought he was one of her kids, Laura revealed their actual age gap.

One wrote: "Honestly when I saw your first TikTok I must admit I thought you had 3 children."

"I thought that was his mother. My bad" Wrote another.

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She wrote: "Nine months apart but y'all blowing this man's head up."

Laura, 40, is only nine months older than TJ, 39, but viewers were stunned by the news, one said: "Not gonna lie I always thought you were his mom."

Laura responded by saying it was 'a bit of a stretch.'

Another person added: "I literally thought he was one of your children! You’re gorgeous though, he just looks a lot younger."

"He looks young but you’re gorgeous so…" a third person commented.

While there were many people who were stunned by how young TJ looks others disagreed that Laura looks older than him.

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One said: "You seriously look the same age both of you are youthful and good-looking people."

"You’re stunning idk what people are talking about." Another person remarked.

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