Halloween-mad woman spends £200 a month on spooky decorations – and she keeps them up all year round

As the spooky season gets closer with October just around the corner, a woman has revealed how she is so obsessed with Halloween – she keeps decorations up all-year-round.

Corrina Edwards, 29, from Manchester, believes the season is a "lifestyle" and has loved Halloween since the age of nine when she went trick-or-treating with her sister wearing witch outfits.

As the retail manager got older she began researching the history of Halloween and became obsessed with the festivities of the season.

Now – she dedicates her home to the spooky holiday, dresses in a Halloween theme and even has scary tattoos.

After following some Halloween Instagram accounts six years ago, Corrina realised it was acceptable to have pumpkins and ghosts as every day decor 365 days a year.

She said: "My love for Halloween started when I was young, around the age of nine or 10.

"My mum used to buy those bin liner capes and plastic witches' fingers for me and my sister to wear for fun around Halloween.

"I would go trick-or-treating every year when I was young and growing up, it was always a pleasant, communal experience.

"Neighbours would always answer the door with friendly faces and give us sweeties. I lived next door to my life long best friend, so going trick-or-treating was great fun!"

Corrina spent her childhood years looking forward to their annual Halloween party with friends – and believes her love of October 31st has stemmed from her wholesome memories.

Her obsession with Halloween grew in her teen years and after moving out, Corrina started to fill her home with themed knick knacks.

She insists Halloween is a lifestyle – not a holiday – and she doesn’t see decorations as temporary.

She added: "It’s hard to explain why I love Halloween, it’s a feeling, like the feeling you used to get when you were a child at Christmas, that’s how I feel when I think about Halloween."‘It’s very comforting. As I got older I researched more into the History of Halloween, and how many different people celebrate it all in their own right.

"In the Instagram world it’s a very happy, accepting and spooktacular place to be a part of.

"My progression into having Halloween decorations up all year round stemmed from there really. Then six years ago, I started following lots of spooky, likeminded accounts.

"I realised it was completely in my own right to have pumpkins and ghosts as my everyday decor up 365 days a year, and so it began."

Corrina said she now has Halloween themed decor in her house all-year-round but admitted that she wouldn’t call them "decorations" as that sounds too "temporary".

She simply explained that she chooses to surround herself with Halloween decor because the pieces bring her so much joy.

Miss Edwards believes she spends £200 every month on new Halloween items – mostly from the US – and her favourite purchase was a £165 Johanna Parker Pumpkin tea set.

She added: "Halloween is up all year round because it’s a lifestyle, not a holiday.

"I’d say on average I spend about £200pm on Halloween decor, that’s including shipping costs from the US, because unfortunately the UK doesn’t stock the greatest variety of spooky items!

"This year I’ll be celebrating with one of my close friends.

"We will watch scary movies, eat spooky themed home baked goods, listen to a spooky playlist on Spotify and answer the door to trick or treaters (hopefully if they come out safely!)"

Corrina said she loves enjoying the magic of October 31st – while wearing one of her favourite pumpkin jumpers.

Corrina also dedicates a lot of her outfits to Halloween – wearing themed cardigans, purple striped dresses and Halloween shoes.

She even has spooky tattoos and also sells Halloween embroideries on an Etsy shop.

She said that anyone who knows her would describe her as "Corrina – the Halloween lover."

Corrina added: "Anyone that doesn’t know me, would be able to tell I love Halloween by my many festive tattoos, clothing and accessories.

"I have lots of Halloween mugs and cardigans that I’ve been collecting for a while – all my Halloween stuff is very dear to my heart!

"I honestly, eat, breathe and sleep Halloween, it’s a huge part of my identity."

Corrina also runs her own Etsy shop, ThreadLifeUK, where she makes and sells spooky embroideries and wall hangings for customers who love Halloween as much as she does.

Her personal favourite Halloween products at home are her large light-up ghost from Homesense, StrangeCvlt pumpkin creeper shoes and Halloween Gizmo that she searched for – for months.

The Halloween lover said she would encourage others interested in the season to shop in HomeSense and TKMaxx as those are the best UK shops for decor.

She said: "Those shops bring it in early August and it usually is American imports, so there’s some really great finds in there!

"This year has unfortunately suffered slightly as there’s not much left now, they seem to have peaked and are left with bare shelves.

"But the demand in those shops is high! Hunting for a Halloween blanket/throw in TKMAXX should be classed as a sport!

"This year I was lucky that my friend found one for me!"

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