Handy hack to banish draughts from windows and doors with household item that could save you £1,000 on bills | The Sun

A HOME expert has revealed a handy hack to banish draughts from windows and doors using a simple household item.

The amazing tip, from Home Genie Georgina Burnett, could save homeowners up to £1,000 on their bills a year.

As the cost of living crisis bites and energy bills spiral out of control, a bad draught can cost you money as well as numbing your fingers.

Luckily, Georgina revealed her list of draught-busting life hacks to address a chilly breeze wherever it may come from.

First of all, she shared how to make a DIY draft excluder using nothing but a pair of old jeans – and there's no sewing needed.

All you have to do is cut off the legs of the trousers and stuff them with socks, clothes or scraps of material.


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Then just tie off the ends with string or a rubber band and you have a pair of ready-to-use excluders.

Another DIY trick was to stick plastic film onto draughty window frames with double sided tape.

Then go over the film with a hair dryer to shrink it and tighten the seal, preventing cold air from getting in.

In summer, just remove the film so you can open the window.

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Georgina also suggested a letter box brush cover and a door curtain to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Another popular tip was a heated blanket in order to heat the person and not the room to cut down on heating costs.

Finally, for those with an original fireplace, she showed how to draught-proof a chimney using a chimney balloon.

All you do is fill a plastic bag with newspaper or other insulation material and tie it off with a long string.

Push the bag up into your chimney breast with the string hanging down so it can be pulled out when you want to get the fire going.

Demonstrating the tips on This Morning, Georgina told her homeowner guinea pig: "What we’re doing is heating you, rather than the whole home. 

"So we’ve got an under-the-run heating system, a heated blanket. I’ve managed to get rid of the draught from the fireplace, front door [and] bathroom window. 

"We’ve also put in some water-saving gadgets for you and I’ve even made a draught excluder!"

All together, these changes can "help save well over £1,000 a year."

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