Harry, every time you slag off The Firm you're stabbing the Queen in the back – stop pretending they're separate things

PRINCE Harry is a former military man. He understands about Queen and Country and has sworn allegiance to his sovereign.

Why then does he continue to stab the institution the Queen represents in the back?

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He does not appear to grasp that the Queen and the firm are basically the same thing.

If he slates the institution his grandmother represents and has stood for almost 70 years of her life, he is offending her too. 

When the Duke of Edinburgh was alive, he spent his time protecting the institution of the monarchy because to him the institution and his wife were the same thing.

When one of his friends asked him what he thought of the problems the monarchy had been through during the annus horribilis of 1992 he said some members of his family had successfully undone all the good work he had put in over the past 40 years.

He’s always said his job first, second and third was protecting the Queen and anyone that criticised the monarchy was criticising her too. 

As Head of State and Head of the Commonwealth the Queen and the Monarchy are one and the same thing.   

We can only imagine how Prince Philip must have felt about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stabbing ‘the firm’ in the back when they voiced their opinions to Oprah Winfrey on how toxic life within the royal family was. 

While Harry waxes lyrical about how much he loves and respects his grandmother the Queen, his American PR machine then makes sure they let us know every time he speaks to her and confirmed how he told her he wanted to use the nickname Lilibet for her new grandchild.      

The Queen famously dislikes any kind of emotional confrontation. 

She was not brought up to deal with it and since the age of 26 when she ascended the throne, she has always allowed members of her personal staff to deal with contentious issues.

Fergie and Andrew complained about this when it took a couple of months to actually get the Queen to listen to their marital problems. 

When Diana used to tearfully approach her with a litany of woes, the monarch would leave the distraught Princess in the Page’s vestibule next door to the Queen’s private sitting room to calm down, before facing the inevitable drama.

Meghan and Harry blamed the Queen’s staff for blocking face to face meetings with her before they made their exit from the UK. 

But it seemed they failed to understand that is what courtiers do and have done for centuries.  

They are there to protect the Monarch from any unwanted intrusion into her working day. 

The Queen and her grandson have not always had a close relationship. When Harry was young his royal grandparents seldom saw him except in the Balmoral holidays. 

But like everyone else they enjoyed his captivating company and was pleased when he found love. 

Of course, the Queen wants Harry to be happy, but I feel certain what does not please her is his American style of suing every time things go wrong. 

Far more stylish to keep quiet and start making amends with the people you have loved and upset.

Ingrid Seward is the author of Prince Philip Revealed.   

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