Heated debate breaks out after woman claims wiping just with loo roll alone ISN’T enough – so which side do you fall on?

IF money were no object, we'd have one those posh toilets with a built-in bidet that washes your behind for you – but until we win the lottery, we're happy to make do with your bogstandard loo roll.

That said, one woman has sparked fierce debate on Mumsnet after she claims wiping with toilet paper alone ISN'T enough – and now we're questioning everything we know.

Posting on the parenting forum, the anonymous woman asked if she was being unreasonable to think "there’s no way you can wipe your bum clean".

She explained: "[I was] born in a mixed race family with a Middle Eastern mother, I was always taught to wash my downstairs with water after number ones and twos.

"We have a built in mini shower head thing to just spray our bums clean, and before that we used to have a jug sort of thing."

Wanting to get to the bottom of the issue (pun totally intended), the woman questioned other members if they ever wet the tissue before wiping.


She continued: "I’ve always wondered, do you genuinely think your bum is clean if you only wipe?

"The way I see it, if someone dropped a few drops of urine or fecal matter on my flooring at home, I’d scrub it clean and at least use some water.

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"No way would I give it a wipe clean with a dry wad of tissue! So how can your skin be clean…"

Needless to say, the post sparked fierce debate among other members.

One replied: "A wash is all very well at home but what do you do at work? A wash after every pee sounds like a lot of hassle and I'm not sure water cleans very well anyway."

Another added: "It's not practical to do this. I'm not sure that a bum is ever going to be a germ free environment whatever method you use, as it will quickly get recontaminated.

"If you prefer water that's great, and probably the best method would be a wipe with a damp cloth. But I don't want to wash the cloths and I don't have a bidet type situ so toilet paper it is."

Taking the original poster's side, a third wrote: "It’s not about being germ free, it’s about cleanliness. I do the same with a bidet or jug and would use a plastic water bottle or similar when out.

"I do carry toilet wipes when out for my children as well or at a push will wet toilet paper and use it to wipe. Always wonder about this too, wiping is not adequate to clean."

A fourth replied: "I always finish with a thorough wipe using a baby wipe. Not flushed of course!"

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