Horoscope today, Saturday November 27: Daily guide to what your star sign has in store for your zodiac dates


March 21 to April 20

Work that is deeply satisfying in more than just money terms can be part of your life when you pick up on an offer in the Press or from an unexpected person.

And though it may be hard for others to see where this is going, you can have a strong sense of direction in your heart.

Love asks a lot of you, but gives more.



April 21 to May 21

Your chart is more than simply creative – you have ideas that can change lives.

And you know  how to give them time and space to grow.

In love terms, an adventure is at the start, so there is no need to rush what happens next.

A building with smoked glass doors holds the secret to a sensational life step.


May 22 to June 21

Maybe you have been avoiding, or delaying, big home-based thinking. But this is the perfect day to make a plan.

Taking control of a move brings it back down to size, and this can get extra people on board.

A shopping trip has new love on the list – and it starts with a casual chat in a US-themed location.


June 22 to July 22

You are a gifted talker and this can bring a cash deal closer, but be sure you  deploy Mercury caution, and double-check all facts and figures.

Think about what you need, not what you want, before you make a big shopping choice.

Apply the same logic to love, but make sure it goes both ways.


July 23 to August 23

The moon and sun square up and you can find yourself pulled in two very different directions.

But this fires up your creativity in exciting ways. In love terms, try not to forget that being reliable and kind is as important as hot passion.

Single? Someone with a difficult job, and a generous heart, can be The One.


August 24 to September 22

You have bitten your tongue long enough, now the moon’s influence helps you put difficult family truths into acceptable words without letting anyone off the hook for bad behaviour –  including you.

There is romance in your chart, and the chance to forget the future for a moment and simply enjoy the present.


September 23 to October 23

Uranus prompts secret thoughts about changing your lifestyle or work life. Ideas may seem unusual at first, but you can make them work for you, so take them seriously.

The sun warms your communication zone, and chats in the open air are especially effective.

Single? Look out for an anchor logo.


October 24 to November 22

Friends may forget a promise, but talk this through, rather than jumping to conclusions – you are stronger together than apart.

Your Mars personality zone comes into its own and you are seriously impressive standing up for people and principles.

This can revive passion, or draw a mysterious Cancer closer.


November 23 to December 21

The sun is in your sign – so use this to be extra generous with your time and your kindness.

It is time to  set your  deepest ambitions free, especially if they link to travel.

A personal journey may feel cut short, but it can start up again when you least expect it. 


December 22 to January 20

Friends and family trust you to keep their deepest secrets – but ensure this doesn’t become too much of a weight to carry.

You need your energy, and full attention, for tantalising love times. In a relationship? Take the lead, set a date, say some words.

Single? The face next to yours on a screen can be so special.


January 21 to February 18

A transforming moon in your chart means you can be whoever you want to be.

In passion terms, this may mean letting a mask slip and showing your vulnerable self or deciding to change your compatibility questions.

In your family, if you know feelings of frustration are growing, it’s time to defuse these.


February 19 to March 20

Finding  personal ways to say how you feel or show how you have changed is the key to unlocking challenges.

With Uranus’s inspiration, you can shine. Friends’ weddings, or perhaps break-ups, can be your personal passion starter. 

Luck waits in a room painted deep blue.

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