How Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is challenging booty queen Kim Kardashian with saucy Insta snaps

SCOOCH over Kim Kardashian, there's a new celeb bum in the hot seat.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s gorgeous partner and rumoured fiancée, Georgina Rodriguez, has been dazzling fans on Instagram with her perfectly pert derriere – and it's helping her rake in the cash as a model too.

While Ronaldo, 35, may be esteemed for his graceful and lightning-speed feet on the pitch – the Juventus star's sought-after pins are insured for a reported £111 million – Georgina, 26, boasts her own enviable asset.

The Spanish-Argentine model recently set social media ablaze with a picture of herself arching her back while applying make-up in the mirror, wearing nothing but a black lace, thong bodysuit.

Showing off her sensational curves, influencer Georgina wrote: “Lo que dicen tus ojos lo susurra tu alma”, which translates to: “What your eyes say is whispered by your soul.”

The saucy snap quickly amassed more than 3.5million likes… and the attention of Cheryl Cole’s ex-husband, French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who gave Georgina a 'thumbs up'.

Bond girl bikinis on jet-setting adventures

Georgina, mum to Ronaldo's youngest child, Alana, commands an impressive 21.1million followers on Instagram (though if she wants to top Kim, 39, she’ll have to reach a cool 189 million).

Hitting the 20 million follower mark at the start of The Venice Film Festival last weekend, the model celebrated by posting a picture of herself looking every part the Bond girl in a mustard-coloured bikini, steering a speedboat through the Italian city's famous canals. 

She also gave fans a glimpse of her endless legs when she attended the prestigious event in a form-fitting pink satin dress, drawing striking similarities to Kim’s red carpet style. 

Allá voy Venecia 💃🏻 #venicefilmfestival

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As well as her two-year-old biological daughter Alana, Georgina is mother to Ronaldo’s surrogate twins, Eva and Mateo, three, and his eldest son, Cristiano Jr, 10.

The family are based in Turin, Italy, but live an idyllic, jet-setting lifestyle, travelling around the world by private plane and enjoying their £5.5 million mega-yacht complete with five luxury cabins.

Last month, the couple fuelled rumours of an engagement when Georgina posted a video of her and Ronaldo dancing with a glass of what could have been celebratory champagne on a floor covered in rose petals. 

She captioned the private moment: “I’ll never stop falling in love with you."

'I was ashamed working out with Cristiano'

Georgina recently admitted that she and Ronaldo are also inseparable when it comes to the gym, and the uber-fit couple now prefer to work out together – something forced upon them during lockdown. 

The model told the Portuguese Women’s Health magazine: “Initially I was ashamed about working out with Cristiano. Imagine having to train in the same space as Cristiano. 

“But afterwards that feeling went and now I love exercising with him. He’s become my greatest inspiration and motivation. I have the best teacher at home.”

Sharing a series of workout videos with her followers, Georgina can be seen using resistance bands (stretchy rubber bands used to add resistance to workout moves) while practising squats to maintain her curves. 

Georgina has hinted that she adds to her routine with resistance machines – often posing atop equipment at the couple’s home gym. 

Showing off her curves in the water

The fitness-fanatic also boosts her stamina with several hobbies, recently sharing a video of herself diving off the couple’s yacht – adding to ballet, cycling and skiing.

As a professional athlete, Cristiano bans booze entirely and the couple lead a healthy lifestyle together – aiming for at least eight hours of sleep each night for muscle regeneration, and sticking to a protein-rich diet. 

Strong in body, strong in spirit, strong in mind 💪💣💥💥💥 @yamamayofficial #everybody #beconfident #beyamamay

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Tiger King-style shoot

Drawing another similarity to her celebrity double, reality star Kim, Georgina is also shrewd when it comes to business deals.

She's no doubt picked up tips from Ronaldo, whose £500 million fortune has been boosted by lucrative sponsorships with the likes of Nike, Armani, Tag Heuer and Herbal Life. 

Georgina's recent boost in Instagram activity (she's posted 30 times in the last month) could also be connected to her latest collaboration with popular fashion brand, Pretty Little Thing. 

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🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 @prettylittlething

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🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 @prettylittlething

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Last week, the stunning brunette posted a picture of her on a photoshoot with the online fashion label, wearing a Tiger King-inspired bikini and showing off her bronzed and toned curves. 

The post, captioned “work day”, has gained more than 500,000 likes a day since it was first posted. And the range is sure to be a sell-out – with women wanting to emulate Georgina’s sultry style. 

Unlike Kim, Georgina doesn’t come from a particularly moneyed background.

Kim’s lawyer father Robert Kardashian famously defended OJ Simpson during his 1994 murder trial.

On the opposite side of the law, Georgina’s father spent 10 years in jail for attempting to smuggle £100,000 worth of cocaine from Spain to France in 2003.

Before meeting footie ace Ronaldo – a moment she describes as “love at first sight for both of us” – Georgina was working as a £250-a-week shop assistant at Gucci.

The dancer-turned-model now lives a true WAG lifestyle – holidaying in far-flung destinations and indulging in a designer wardrobe.

Her rumoured diamond engagement ring alone is thought to be worth £615,000, although Kim still nabs this top spot with a dazzler worth as much as £4 million. 

But watch out Kim, Georgina is coming up behind you. And with her incredible curves and glamorous, figure-hugging outfits, you're not going to miss her. 

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