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DURING the hot summer months, it’s common for maggots to be found in your wheelie bin. 

Here is everything you need to know about maggots and how to get rid of them.

How to get rid of maggots in your bin?

Maggots can only appear in your wheelie bin if flies have had access to it.

Therefore, it's important to always keep your bin lid closed.

Don’t be tempted to overfill your bin, as this will leave a gap which will allow flies to get in.

Consider adding a wheelie bin lock so that the waste container is inaccessible to unwanted guests. 

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Be sure to get your bins emptied regularly – especially if it's a food waste bin – as the longer the contents are in there, the more flies will be attracted.

Clean your wheelie bin often, inside and out, with a strong disinfectant.

In the summer, move your bin to a cooler spot as when waste heats up, it tends to smell more which will attract flies.

If you do have Maggots in your wheelie bin, you can get rid of them using the following steps:

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  • Kill them instantly by pouring boiling water over them.
  • Disinfect your bin using bleach to destroy any remaining eggs.
  • Wash your bins regularly (there are also professional services for this).

Sharing his expertise, Nicholas Martin from Pest Control Hacks said: “Maggots are actually highly vulnerable to many things. 

“They consist mostly of protein, which makes them most vulnerable to boiling water.”

Where to maggots come from?

Maggots are produced from flies laying their eggs on any fresh source of food for the new brood of maggots to feed on.

Mature flies will lay between 75-150 eggs at a time in places like wheelie bins, faeces, or rotting food.

The eggs usually hatch between seven – twenty-four hours.

Typically if flies are present, there is a good chance that there will soon be maggots.

Do maggots turn into flies?

Yes, maggots turn into flies.

maggots typically live for around five to six days before turning into pupae.

From this, they will eventually transition into adult flies.

Does salt kill maggots?

Salt certainly does kill maggots.


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When salt comes into contact with the maggot's body, it absorbs moisture, which causes the maggot to lose essential fluids and ultimately die.

It's important to note that salt may not be as effective in getting rid of maggot infestations in larger or hard-to-reach areas.

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