I asked my hairdresser for a cute, bohemian hairdo for my prom… it was so bad I’m still not over it seven years later

FROM the first dates with your crush to the first parties with your friends, there are countless memorable events that take place during your teenage years.

One of them is going to prom – the big night when you can go all out with your outfit and finally swap the dull school uniform for something more chic.

Excited for the glamorous event, TikTok user Jess Wells was scrolling online to find a hairdo inspiration that would suit the bohemian look she was going for.

With a trendy vision in mind – loose waves pinned together for a Greek goddess hairstyle – Jess set off to get her locks sorted out.

But she was left mortified by the final result.


Instead of soft, slightly messy curls with some loose strands to frame the face, Jess attended the prom with something more similar to a bird's nest on the left side of her face.

Whilst they were definitely curls, they were far too tight and the side-swept bangs didn't really flatter her either, with what appeared to be a whole can of hairspray used on top of it all.

Despite smiling in the photo – though looking quite forced to do so – Jess said she was still upset to this day.

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''7 years later and I’m still bitter,'' she wrote in the caption of the video, which has been watched nearly two million times.

The major fail left many in hysterics, with some viewers taking it to comments to share their thoughts.

''At least you were prepared for high winds,'' read someone's joke.

Another found a striking resemblance between Jess' hairstyle and a famous American TV show, and chuckled: ''toddlers and tiaras be like:.''

But not everyone thought the end result was a disaster – for instance, this person wrote: ''The hair was kinda pretty… it was just not suiting your face.''

''Wait but you actually looked really beautiful tho,'' a second commented, whilst a fellow user described the look as ''lowkey editorial''.

For similar horror stories, this woman asked her stylist for a soft balayage cut – ''I can’t believe I paid £220 for ruined hair which snapped off''.

Elsewhere, this student paid £30 for her prom make-up but what she ended up with was such a glittery mess that she didn’t even go.

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