I bought a van off a random man in a car park & turned it into an epic home on wheels – now I sleep on pals' driveways | The Sun

DO you dream of travelling the world, but don’t think you can afford it?

A woman shared how she bought a van so she’d have free accommodation wherever she goes – and it means she doesn’t pay any rent back home either.

Adventurous Franky shared how when she’s in the UK, she parks on friends’ driveways to save cash on paying for a home.

In a clip on her @frankymorgann account, she showed the van when she first bought it.

She wrote: “Bought it off a random man in a random car park.”

Franky showed how the inside needed a lot of work, but the gamble paid off.

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She continued: “There was so much wrong with it.

“Added a ceiling, as well as electrics, and a floor.

“Spent every day working on it or working to pay for it.

“Built the bed, wired the battery and connected the solar panel.”

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After she added the kitchen and curtains, she was finally ready to take her mini home on wheels out into the world.

She bought a one-way ticket for Europe and shared how she spent the next few months waking up in incredible locations and having adventures.

Franky even got to “shower in rivers and waterfalls” and said she’ll “never get over the sunrises and sunsets” she saw on the trip.

Now she’s back at university and says she saves money on accommodation by living on a friend’s driveway in the van.

At the weekends, however, she gets back on the road to do more exploring.

She added: “So far it’s been an absolute rollercoaster, but I’m so happy and grateful.”

Her video has racked up 28,000 likes, and people praised her tiny home.

One said: “thats cool good on you wish I could just do that.”

Another added: “Just got my first van!! I’m so excited.” 

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