I bought my husband 'ball bands' to spice up our lockdown sex life – they perked things up in more ways than one

WITH most of us confined to the four walls of our house and our loungewear becoming our daily uniform, many couples have seen their sex life take a slump during lockdown.

And it was no different for Jill Demirel who found that her love life had become seriously lack lustre after the pandemic hit.

But the 44-year-old from Essex who has been on reality shows Mums Gone Wild and Secret Life of the Family says that all changed when she introduced ball bands into the bedroom.

Here she tells Fabulous Digital how she gave her dying sex life a little resuscitation…

“Sex since we’ve been in lockdown has been depressing and flat.

“Maybe it’s being locked down together staring at each other or something, but we’ve hardly been at it like we usually are.”

“Normally, before lock-down – we had the most fantastic and active sex life.

"I love my husband very much and we’ve never had problems in the bedroom.

“I’m a reality TV junkie, and I’m not shy of talking about things that other people consider to be off limits but always, my family come first.

“We totally adore our three children and our home life is very happy.

“Lockdown just didn’t seem that bad at all. My husband regularly compared me to the british Kim Kardashian and he wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“Our family have regularly been compared to the Kardashians.

What are ball bands?

Ball bands are edible gummy rings which are placed around a man's testicles during sexual activity.

They are designed to "lift and tighten" the scrotum making them appear bigger before being eaten before, during or after sexual play.

“On the face of it – we’re the picture-perfect family, and that’s the truth of it too. Sure we have our squabbles but there are plenty of laughs too.

“At first in lockdown, staying together 24/7 was a bit of a novelty – we played games, watched movies – and as for my husband and I, well we were just as active as ever.

“Sex for us was adventurous and playful. Despite being husband and wife for some time – the fire was definitely still burning for us.

“But in time, and by the third time we went into lockdown – that novelty had surely passed. I wouldn’t say we were at each others’ throats but we were certainly sick of the sight of our four walls.

“I’d spoken previously about the fact that I let me son Jan, 16, take raunchy snaps of me as he dreams of being a photographer. 

“Liz Hurley reportedly does the same with her son Damien too. Hus loved the pictures. But when the photos were all taken and we ran out of things to do to impress my husband – my mind ventured to other things.

“As for Hus and I – well, you could say things and I were a bit lacklustre all of a sudden.

"It wasn’t that we didn’t care or love each other just as much – it’s just that you can have too much of the sight of anyone – and that’s how we felt.

“Before lockdown, I’d even hosted underwear parties to keep him interested but now we weren’t allowed to see anyone else – those things weren’t possible now.

“We needed something innovative and fast – so I had an idea.

“Having previously been part of the O Team who designed a toy for Ann Summers, I had some experience of sex toys. 

“I’d been part of a team of women who created the ‘Buzzy bits’ a toy for well, your bits! It was something that I was comfortable with talking about and I had some knowledge having researched the subject.

As sex toys go – we can lockdown for longer next time in my opinion!

“My husband isn’t lacking in that department by any means, but when I discovered something that would prove to be a game- changer – I couldn’t wait to jump at the chance to try It – and I wasn’t wrong.

“I was just scrolling through social media when was I saw an advert for mrspalmer.co.uk – the advert told me all that I needed to know.

“With three different colours and three different flavours, I was introduced the ‘ball band’, a unique creation that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

“They made the manly parts very smooth and young looking – and ‘perked things up’ out front – so to speak. It’s a real ego boost for any man.

“I thought they just might make my partner feel that extra bit manly. I was right. We’d tried couples’ sex toys before but having something that focussed on him – but had something in it for me too was a real bonus.

“Not only that – but the plus of the whole thing Hus told me was that it encouraged him to check himself for lumps, which is something that should always be highlighted.

“Now sex is back to what it should be, dynamic and excited. 

“Who would have thought an edible band would make that much difference but as sex toys go – we can lockdown for longer next time in my opinion!”

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