I breastfed my husband to clear my agonising blocked milk duct – it worked but I think we’re both scarred for life

A WOMAN thinks she's been left with PTSD after her husband had to breastfeed from her to clear a clogged milk duct.

Jennifer took to TikTok to share the tale of how her other half stepped in to help after the clog turned into mastitis and left her in agony and her baby daughter unable to get the milk she needed.

"There are some things in marriage and having babies that you just can’t prepare for, and this is one of them," she began.

After being diagnosed with mastitis, she was put on antibiotics, and hoped that the tablets would help, but she was still in agonising pain after two days.

She also tried various supplements that people had recommended, and took baths in Epsom salts which is also meant to help with clogged ducts, but nothing worked.

"So I found this article, because I was just Googling and Googling, that said your partner should suck the clog out," she continued.

While she ruled it out at first, the pain became too much to bear and Jennifer asked her spouse if he'd consider stepping in.

"I mentioned it to my husband, I was like, ‘Do you wanna help me out?'" she recalled.



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"He was like, ‘I would do that for you. I might gag, I might throw up, but I will do that for you.’ So we did it.

"We got this bowl and put it to the side so he could spit it out, and I breastfed my husband. Oh my God!"

Recalling how the situation unfolded, she explained: "In the beginning he got a small taste of it and he was like, ‘This is actually really sweet’.

"But then at the end when he unclogged it, he was basically about to gag because it started flowing because the clog was gone, and that was enough. Enough!"

And despite the fact that her husband cleared the blockage, the act itself affected both of their mental health.

"I feel like I have PTSD," she laughed. "I feel like I can’t look you guys int the eye right now… I feel like we’re bonded for life."

Jennifer also shared a video of her husband explaining what the experience was like from his perspective.

"I breastfed from my wife," he said. "And she was in a lot of pain, it was a different kind of experience, and I felt like I was sucking poison out of you, like when you have a snakebite.

"All I could think about was your pain and how (the baby) wasn’t getting enough milk and I just wanted to take action on the problem."

Asked to rate the breast milk out of 10, he replied: "It was very good. I guess maybe I’d give it a 9.

"I mean, it was a 10 but I don’t want to admit it was a 10."

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