I ditched paying rent & live in a van…it saves me thousands but there’s a catch which means I haven’t washed in 21 days | The Sun

A YOUNG man has revealed that he dropped out of college when he was just 17-years-old to live and travel in a van. 

Alexander James, 19, explained that he saved up and bought a van for $9,000 [£7,440] from Facebook Marketplace.

He now works in social media and spends his days travelling around in his van. 

But although it has saved him thousands of pounds in rent, there’s one catch which means he hasn’t showered in 21 days.

In one video, which Alexander posted with the caption ‘21 days is just a bit much, wouldn’t you say?🌸’ he opened up about showering and van life.

He explained that his van doesn’t have a shower or toilet and so he typically showers using bottled water or in a river.

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But in the summer, he noted that he can shower for free at a gym. 

He said: “I live in a van and I haven’t showered in 21 days, so let’s go and do that.

“I get my little shower bag and I go to Planet Fitness.

“Anyone from 14-19 can work out for free all summer long and get free showers, so it’s pretty clutch.

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“I’m done with my shower, brushed my teeth and then I went in the van and felt all nice and clean.”

He later added: “Alright y’all, that’s how I shower.

“Now I don’t stink like fish.” 

His video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 393.9k views.

It has 33.7k likes, 97 comments and 90 shares.

Social media users were left open-mouthed that Alexander hadn’t showered in so long and were quick to share this in the comments. 

One person said: “21 days is crazy.” 

Another added: “You lost me at 21 days.” 

A third commented: “I can’t even last 2 days in the summer 😭” 

Meanwhile, in another clip, Alexander spoke about how cheap it is to live in a van.

He explained that he doesn’t pay any rent living on wheels and noted: “I’m 19 and I’ve been travelling in this van for six months now, every single night, for entirely less than what all my buddies are paying for their monthly rent in their apartments.

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“I just think it’s awesome, I’m living the way life is meant to be lived in my books.

“I’m experiencing new things every day, hanging out with all my friends and it’s all for less than what my buddies are doing in their apartments.”

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