I fell in love with a woman who catfished me for seven months – now I don't know what to do

PLAYING games online one day, a man thought he had fallen in love, only to realise 7 months later – he had been catfished.

Sharing on Reddit, a 22-year-old man from Las Vegas said he started talking to a woman who would watch him play World of Warcraft online, via streaming website Twitch.

He began playing video games with a girl who he began talking with and flirting, he even said he: "genuinely fell in love with her."

She told him she was a Masters student doing history, and sent him flirty pictures of herself, saying she lived in Alberqueue.

She would send him pictures of herself via imgur which was unusual to begin with.


They began with a picture of her socks then she shared pictures of her 2 nose piercings, and then sent some of her face.

When he started to get suspicious about who she was, he said: "I had done reverse image searches on a couple she had sent me to make sure that she hadn't just taken them from the internet somewhere. "

"We added eachother on skype to call, and she sounded a lot like she looked."

After a couple of nights staying up talking until the early hours, the floodgates opened and they spoke every night for 6 months.

They even called each other boyfriend and girlfriend, and labelled it a long-distance relationship as they lived 8 hours away from each other.

He admitted that: "Ever since the beginning I had always had a feeling of doubt. We had made several plans to meet up, but there was always an excuse."

"Every time she declined meeting up, this feeling of doubt would grow."

The lies began building up as: "She claimed didn't have a webcam, either, and that the camera on her phone would freeze her phone if she tried to use it with skype."

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He suddenly noticed that one of her pictures didn't have a tattoo that she had sent a photo of her getting.

The illusion came tumbling down when he reverse image searched her picture and found it on an OkCupid forum post that was over 5 years old.

She eventually came clean about sending fake pictures of 'herself' to him.

He admitted he had tried to put emotions over logic, but still: "love the girl I was talking to for those 7 months. "

She sent him a 'real' picture of her face and said everything she told him about herself was true but her appearance was her only lie.

Commenters flooded his post with advice, saying: "Personally, I'd never talk to her again because I couldn't trust her."

"You didn't fall in love with her.

"You became infatuated with a false image that she deceived you into thinking was the real thing. She says that everything else she told you was true, but can you trust that? How do you know that that picture she sent was any more real than the others?

"I would not talk to her anymore if I were you. She lied to you about something incredibly huge for seven months.

"You love the idea of her, the idea you had in your head. You do not love her because she is not a real person."

Some even reminded him of their physical distance, saying: "The brilliant thing about her being so far away is that even after the break up she's still that far away.

"Out of sight, out of mind. This relationship would be way too difficult to maintain. You can't trust her. She lives 8 hours away. Just bail."

Ultimately, many agreed that: "The fact that she was willing to deceive you for months is a big red flag."

One commenter had been in a similar situation, and told the poster: "I have been in this situation save for the fact that I wasn't "catfished"~ we facetimed/skyped daily and talked/texted constantly.

"It went on for years.

"I can guarantee that you love the idea of her, not her."

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