I found out I was adopted at 31 after I took an ancestry test for a joke… I met my birth mum and dad two weeks later

A WOMAN has revealed the shocking moment she discovered she was adopted after taking an ancestry test for a joke.

Amanda Stacy, 31, said she had been curious to do the DNA test for years but was “sceptical” about the results they can give.

Amanda, who posts on TikTok as @stacysinterlude7, said: “Finally decided to do it just to see if I could find random family members since my grandpa has so many children.

“Got my results back and saw no familiar last names and one person was even a 50% match.

“Asked my parents if they recognise anybody and they said they didn’t, proving I was right about not trusting the test.

“Two days later I asked them again and they told me I was adopted when I was newborn (I’m 31 now) and that the 50% match is my biological mother.”

Amanda said she was able to get in touch with her biological dad that same night, and two weeks later she met her biological mum and dad.


In a follow up video, she gave further details to followers of the story. 

The woman said: “I am not angry, sad and I do not feel betrayed, even when they told me.”

Amanda said that in her mind there had been “no doubt” she came from her adoptive mum, as they look so alike.

She said: “We are the same height, shoe size, basically the same skin tone, there was no doubt about it.

“This is how I did not know. That contributed to my shock. I was like ‘how could I come from anybody else?’”

Amanda said she didn’t cry when she found out the truth, and actually felt like she had to comfort her adoptive parents because they “felt like I would hate them”.

Amanda confirmed: “That is not true, and at no point did I feel that way, and that is because for years I have considered adopting.

“I have placed myself in that position mentally to think through what I would do in this situation before this even happened.”

She said she is at peace with the situation as she is grateful for having a loving family growing up and who she has become.

Amanda said her adoptive parents didn’t tell her the truth as she was such a happy child and, she revealed she is glad they didn’t tell her during her teen years as she may not have handled it so well.

She didn’t show photos of her biological parents to give them privacy, but said her real dad had recently come out of prison and wanted to find her, leading to him and her mum doing the DNA tests.

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