I got an Uber to the beach and had no idea why people were staring – turns out my outfit looked way ruder than it was | The Sun

A BODY confident woman has revealed the awkward scenario she found herself in after taking an Uber to the beach.

At first, she didn't understand why people were staring at her outfit, and it turned out that the style was more inappropriate than she thought it was.

Wellness enthusiast Gina (@gina_flowerpowerholistic) proudly showcases moments of her life online, from fashion to her career.

In a TikTok video from 2021, she shared an awkward moment she found herself in while heading to the beach.

It began with a selfie-style photo of her, where she was visible from the chest up.

She wore a straw hat, and minimal makeup, and her short hair was braided in low pigtails.



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Gina jokingly admitted that she committed a wardrobe "fail" in her swimsuit attire.

Halfway through, the visual changed to show her complete outfit.

The subtitle read: "Wearing a nude dress and bikini and walking to the beach wondering why I got strange stares."

She wore a long knitted nude cover-up dress that was a little see-through and her swimsuit underneath blended perfectly with her skin.

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Looking back, she realized that people were staring because they thought she was walking around naked under the nude dress.

She appeared more inappropriate than she intended.

There were different opinions in the comment section of the video.

A TikTok user commented under the clip: "You didn't know?"

She replied that she had "no idea" until she got out of an Uber and started walking towards the beach.

Another chimed in: "I don't see it! What's the problem?"

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