I had a gastric sleeve in Turkey & the side effects are so bad – my stomach skin resembles a kid's toy parachute for one | The Sun

MANY people see gastric sleeve surgery as an "easy option" when it comes to weight loss.

But one woman named Aime Damario (@pandatheragdoll) has set out to dispel such perceptions by revealing the bad side effects she's had to deal with since her weight loss surgery.

The TikTok user, who flew to Turkey for a gastric sleeve, posted a video where she explains how her "hair is falling out" and she's "constantly got a cold."

Aime goes on to say that she also gets "crippling indigestion" every time she eats and "can't stand without getting dizzy."

Finally, she points out how her stomach skin "resembles a kid's parachute from 2004."

Alongside the video, Aime penned: "The reality of bariatric surgery.


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The video has since gone viral, racking up over 237,000 views and endless comments.

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Many who have undergone similar surgery were quick to offer their first-hand experiences.

"I didn’t get gastric but have lost 150 and feel this same way. The standing up so light headed gets to me most," wrote one.

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A second penned: "Truth!!!!! Same!!!! Same!!!!"

A third commented: "No regrets! My hair fell out for 2 months but is back to normal now. Best decision."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Always cold and my hair thinned. 4 years later tho best health I’ve ever been in.

"It’s a journey for each and everyone of us for sure."

Another added: "No regrets but I'm freezing all the time I need to move to a hotter country,"

A further sympathised: "Ughhh….. the hair."

And one more chimed in: "Yes yes and yes. my hair grew back in baby bangs."

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