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A WOMAN has revealed how her job is under threat after she chose not to wear a bra to work.

Taking to Reddit she explained that she had stopped wearing a bra during lockdown and had since decided to ditch them completely after finding them “uncomfortable and unnecessary.”

While her previous job of two years had no issue with her going braless, since starting a new role at a different company she had received no less than five complaints.

Describing her first day, she wrote: “Two people come up to me during the day, and say that what I'm wearing is inappropriate and that I should wear a bra to work. 

“This is a new job, I don't even know any of these people. I'm literally wearing a sweater, you can't see anything, I'm all covered up. (You can't see anything except the shape of my boobs, I guess). 

“One woman literally told me these words, as she was complaining about my clothes. I have large boobs, but I feel that what I'm wearing is completely normal.”

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The following day, the woman turned up to work, once again sans bra, and was met with further criticism from her colleagues.

She continued: “I am dressed even more conservatively than day one. 

“Two more people give me similar criticisms again. One of them is the secretary of my supervisor, so this is getting serious. 

“I mention to her that the office literally has no dress code, and that employees can wear what is comfortable. She says that there is still an unspoken etiquette to be followed. She also mentioned that the shape of my boobs were clearly visible.

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“For the two years I spent at my prev office, I did not wear a bra once. 

“I usually wore sweaters or t-shirts or blouses, most of the time along with a jacket. Even though I may have large breasts, I did not see it as inappropriate or a problem.”

Fellow Redditors were quick to weigh in, with the woman’s problem proving to be a divisive topic with several agreeing that she should be wearing a bra to work.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “As the new person in the office, you do not have credibility to push back on that expectation without serious career repercussions. 

“If people notice you are not wearing a bra, something about your outfit was off.”

Agreeing another added: “I am afraid that even if you do not see it as inappropriate, your new workplace does. “

A third added: “You have been told multiple times it is unacceptable for this office. Wear a bra or find another place to work.”

However, others were quick to jump to the defence of the woman.

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