I have big boobs and tried the TikTok viral bra hack – your top will never slip down again | The Sun

A WOMAN with a large bust has tried the viral TikTok bra hack and claims your top will never slip down again.

Nana Castro has had to compromise which top styles she’s been able to wear because of her cleavage and constantly exposed bras. 

She shared a TikTok video of her trying a viral bra hack that she originally found from content creator Shayna Moretti. 

Initially wearing a wrap crop top tied in a bow, Nana showed how her black bra peeked out from both sides of the plunging neckline as well as the center of her chest.

“When I tell you guys I’ve had this shirt for years,” she said and paused out of astonishment, noting that the tags were still on it.

“I never wore it because when you tie it, it’s just bra everywhere. And if I don’t wear a bra, it’s too aggressive,” she added.

She then attempted Shayna’s hack by tucking one side of the tie over the center band of her bra and then pulling it back out through the bottom.

She pulled the tie fully down and taut. 

Nana then did this in the opposite direction on the other side.

She tucked the other tie up from underneath and then pulled it out over the center band.

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The ties completely wrapped around the bra band, fully concealing it.

She pulled both ties tightly and quickly tied a bow with them. Nana then pulled at the neckline slightly to adjust. 

And just like that, none of Nana’s bra was showing anymore. Her shirt was also securely tied now.

“How many shirts have I thrown away?” Nana exclaimed, impressed by the hack.

Nana received praise for sharing this simple yet effective trick, with many people saying they found it to be a common issue.

“I haven’t stopped wearing shirts like this since I saw this trick,” one TikTok user said.

The hack was also declared a “game changer” and “life-changing” by others.

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