I hit all the supermarkets on my way home to nab yellow sticker bargains – I ended up getting over £70 of food for £12 | The Sun

A MAN who hit a tonne of supermarkets on his "tour on the way home" ended up nabbing over £70 worth of food for just £12.

Craig took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to show off his mega haul, as he explained that he had specifically been on the hunt for yellow sticker bargains.

"Finished work and done the weekly shop …hit various Supermarkets at the right time on my tour on the way home," he began.

"Far too much to show in pics – from corned beef slices for sarnies, to whole chickens, chicken pieces, bacon joint from the Asda section, 20 yogurt drinks and a few meals in tin foil trays.

"Should have been approx £70… cost me £12/15 tops."

People were quick to comment on the post, with one writing: "Congrats. very well done and I hope you enjoy it all.

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"Please may I ask what time you made your remarkable purchases? I never see anything in my local supermarkets."

"between 5.30-6.30pm," Craig replied.

He added in response to someone else's question: "On my way home from work.

"Just hit the road trip home lucky- can't say it would always be that way. I've gone looking before and there was nothing."

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"Whole chickens are definitely a bargain – well done," another added.

As someone else wrote: "F**k yeah! Such a bargain. I feel satisfied for you, can’t imagine how you feel."

He later shared a look at the bacon joint he'd picked up for 20p after cooking it in his Air Fryer, as he wrote: "The bacon joint after being in the Ninja tonight for 15 minutes on reheat.

"Came out lovely with lovely tasty crackling – can't complain for 20p!"

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