I live in a tiny home with my fiance and three pets – there's a major issue people don't tell you about | The Sun

A TINY home dweller has got real with her followers about what living in her house is really like.

The TikToker revealed the issues she deals with on a day-to-day basis in her space.

The TikTok user, who goes by Meechie (@meechie69), answered some of the questions she always gets about her lifestyle.

In her video, she detailed "the truth about living in a tiny home."

For her hard reality, the Florida resident revealed that her home is never clean.

She explained that both she and her partner struggle to keep on top of the chores "because we have not one but two dogs and a cat."

Meechie recommended only undergoing major cleaning sprees for certain occasions.

"I mean you can clean 24/7 but my best advice is just to prepare when friends are coming over," she told viewers.

The next tiny home truth Meechie shared related to her relationship with her fiance.

Referring to the couple's close proximity in the home, she said: "We don’t even have one wall separating us.

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"We have current plans for a bigger home, this is our second home on the property that we are building and it has walls," Meechie added as she showed her audience the exterior of the house.

Despite her complaints, she confirmed: "We’re cool, still engaged, still going strong."

Finally, Meechie revealed the major issue she failed to consider when moving into a tiny home.

She explained that the lifestyle "sounded cute at first but then you realize you live in a box and you can’t continue to buy s**t and now you’ve just become a hoarder."

Meechie concluded: "It’s not as glamorous as everyone makes it out to be."

However, she did point out that her complaints were still better than having to pay a mortgage.

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