I love grammar so gave my baby girl a unique name to show it – now my mother-in-law is demanding we change it | The Sun

A MUM has been left furious after her mother-in-law insisted she change her daughter's name.

The mum decided to go with a unique name for her daughter which celebrated her love of grammar and literature.

But now, she is double-guessing the baby name she picked and took to Facebook to ask people what they think of the name.

The post was shared to the Subreddit, S**t Mom Groups Say, and the chosen name attracted a negative response.

In the post the mum wrote: "My mother-in-law is giving me so much grief over our baby name choice.

"Please be honest on what you think?"


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She revealed she wanted to call her daughter Alphabeta Silver and plan on calling her 'Betty' for short.

The mum continued: "We both love grammar and literature and instantly agreed when we heard the name and my MIL isn't going to make any more choices for us."

She added that her mother-in-law controlled their engagement photos and wedding day but she planned to put her foot down with her daughter's name.

Despite not wanting to take her mother-in-law's advice on board, many people sides with her.

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One person told the mum: "I don't usually side with the MIL but…

"Alpha-Beta is a werewolf/furry sex trope.

"Please don't."

Reddit users were quick to point out the name wasn't their first choice.

One wrote: "For loving grammar and literature so much, they really don’t have much of an imagination if all they came up with was to name their kid alphabet."

Another person commented: "Like, if you love literature, name it after a beloved character from literature."

"Maybe MIL is controlling…..but maybe this is the time to let her be lol," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "This is a terrible name. That poor f**king kid."

"Honestly, if my son has kids wants to call his kid "Alphabeta Silver" I would probably give him and his partner some grief too," claimed a fifth.

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