I made a surprising 140-lb discovery under a warm spot in the roof – people say I'm 'incredibly brave' for removing it | The Sun

A RESCUER has made a shocking discovery hidden in someone's home that weighed 140 pounds.

It was located under the roof, and people online said the worker was incredibly brave for getting rid of a bee hive.

TikToker Jeff Russell (@mr.mrs.beerescue) shared a video of himself removing the bee colony.

Jeff called it the "bee rescue from hell" in his TikTok video about the removal.

"This took 12 long and excruciating hours," he captioned the clip.

"There was 140 pounds of honeycomb, three stories high with 40 mph gusts of wind," he added.

Jeff was shocked when he opened the roof and saw the hive and honeycombs for the first time.

"Oh my gosh. What am I looking at right here?" he said. "This is huge."

The bees were buzzing around Jeff's head.

"They are mad at me I can’t imagine why," he explained. "How am I gonna find the queen in this thing?"

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The queen bee has an important role in the hive. She's the only female who has ovaries and can lay eggs, per Terminix.

The queen determines which bees will become workers, drones, or potential future queens, the website says.

Jeff said he was overwhelmed when he saw the hive for the first time.

"I'm dreading this day because there’s still so much work to do," he said.

As he excavated the hive, Jeff discovered a deceased mother bird, a chick, and an egg. The bees still crawled around the carcasses.

"I don’t know exactly what happened, but I suspect foul play," he said. "Really sad but I guess that’s nature."

To make the job worse, Jeff said it was a "very windy day."

"It’s making things kinda hectic," he said.

Nearly 12 hours later, Jeff said the bees and honeycomb had been completely removed.

"Bees are in the box," he said. "I think the queen might have gone in there."

"The roof is all put back together, and I’m tired," he added. "Super tired."

In the comments section, people said Jeff was courageous.

"I have to say you are incredibly brave. from all the bees to the wind gusts you are a brave man," one person wrote.


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"Bless you for saving the bees bro. we need more than we know," another said.

"That's insane, I got overwhelmed by just looking at it, stay safe," a third shared.

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