I moved into a new house & then discovered the old owners had left me a nasty surprise in the dishwasher – I was stunned | The Sun

LOTS of people deep clean when they move into a new house.

But there are always areas that end up forgotten – with the dishwasher being one of them for Bella Messina.

Bella took to TikTok to recall her horror after opening the dishwasher for the first time, only to discover that the previous owners had left them a nasty surprise.

"This is just a friendly reminder to deep clean everything when you get a new house," she began.

"Because guess what fun special surprise the old owners of our new family home left us?

"I opened our dishwasher for the first time and realised that they’d accidentally left a load in the dishwasher – a load of toilet brushes!

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"The old owners got all the toilet scrubbers – the skiddy scrubbers – and put them in the dishwasher and did a load, and forgot them."

"What would possess someone to put the things you scrub poo with, in the thing you clean the dishes you eat off?" she raged.

While Bella acknowledged that there might be "some deep clean" you can do on a dishwasher, she wasn't about to do that on hers, insisting she'd rather burn it.

"I’m not having strangers’ poop particles moving around with my daughter’s dishes," she continued.

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"Absolutely disgusting.

"And if you have ever done this – to hell, to jail, crucify you, that is f**ked up.

"Anyway, clean your house when you get a new house because you never know how other people live.

"Thank God they forgot those poop scrubbers!"

And predicting that some people might suggest the toilet brushes were a message from the previous owners, Bella insisted the sale was all "above board and easy", so she doesn't think it was that.

"People are just gross," she concluded.  

Sharing her video on TikTok, Bella captioned it: "BRB I'll be dry retching at the thought of this for the next 10 business days."

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on Bella's revelation, with one writing: "I'm never eating at anyone's house ever again."

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"Thank god they left them in there, otherwise just imagine!" another added.

While a third commented: "I have always replaced every appliance whenever I moved in a new place I bought and ppl think am crazy."

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