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LIVING in a van definitely isn't for everyone, but with soaring rent prices more and more people are deciding to take the risk and make homes out of vans and, caravans and trailers.

With a little bit of of time and effort, loads of people have managed to make their tiny homes look amazing as well.

That's exactly what university professor Dr Sara Erdner did when she downsized to a luxury van conversion in a bid to save money, and she hasn't looked back since.

She told Tiny House Giant Journey: "For years I felt that pull from 'I need to stop throwing my money down the drain by renting, but I can't afford a house.'

"That was when I was like, 'I'm getting a van.'"

Sara forked out £60,097 for the van, however she managed to save thousands on decking out her new home by taking part in a tv show since they contributed £12,695 to the total £38,000 process.

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The van, which Sara affectionally named 'Big Debbie', is the perfect size for one Sara and her dog, Keira.

She said: "The entire build is around my keyboard, all the dimensions of everything else were dependant upon where we were going to place the keyboard and how high it needed to be."

The keyboard slides under Sara's bed when it's not in use, but also has a table that can also slide above it when she has guests over or just needs extra counter space.

The professor also has a small seating area where she likes to read and relax, but hidden underneath is her toilet.

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She said: "A lot of people do the composting toilet, I actually chose something that's a lot more cost efficient, It cost me $40 (£33).

"It's essentially just a round bucket that has a wag bag."

When she wants to shower, Sara makes use of her outdoor shower, which is a hose that she attaches to a water point on the back of her van.

She also can attach a shower curtain for some added privacy if she wants to.

There's a special space for Keira the dog tucked away under Sara's bed too.

One of the things Sara knew she wanted in her van home was a queen sized bed.

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She explained: "I wanted to have a lot of room, so it's been nice having a queen sized bed because as we all know, with animals they like to take up 90 percent of the bed and you only get a slither."

Sara's kitchen has everything she could ever need, including a small sink and two gas burners to cook on as well as a large cooler that has a section for frozen food and refrigerated food.

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